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Please choose one of the following ways to help support the children of Uganda:

  1. One time gift - Donation

  2. 540 Acre of land - $200 or more - Donation on Land Purchase Contribution
    540 Acres are needed to relocate families and orphans from the war-torn northern Uganda.
    It is on this land that ABA Foundation will build a Home Care Bay / Children’s Village.

  3. Orphan Feeding Program - $125/month Subscription
    This will feed 500+ kids during Our Child character and hope training programs

  4. Child Sponsorship - $100/month Subscription
    This dollar amount includes all costs of food, medical, clothing and school supplies, lessons etc.

How can I help

partner with ABA

ABA Foundation

The objectives of ABA Foundation is Helping People Live Better Life and to Promote the Socio - Economic Welfare of the Vulnerable Communities especially the Destitute Children, Orphans, Widows, Disaster Affected People and Poor Families affected by HIV / AIDS among others.

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