30th September 2009, it started a good day for me but ended in a narrow escape.
It was at 07:30 P.m. when I left public market and rushed to the stage just next to the bus-park main-gate, ready to board and get to Heritage Hotel as early as possible. I went to Der-es-laam in Tanzania for official work. Taxis were scarce, as that was the school visiting day.

Standing with other three ladies, a Toyota corona car stopped besides us and the woman asked whether there was anybody going to the same route. Four of us boarded and the lady started explaining how it was difficult to get taxis given the fact that it was a school visiting day.

As we approached the main traffic lights, she branched off to the road leading to another direction and explained that she was avoiding the heavy traffic jam on the high way and that she was going to use the by-pass. That sounded logical because people use that route whenever there's heavy jam on the main high way.

The three ladies said it wasn't their destination and thought she would leave them near the stadium where they can easily get transport. The lady packed and complained as to why these ladies boarded even when she had told them her final destination.

After these ladies come out I realized I was alone in the car with this stranger. My conscience was not clear on the fact that I was alone with the stranger. I looked scared and quickly this woman responded and said she was only avoiding traffic jam using the by-pass.

When we reached past a business school she introduced herself. “I am Christine working with Tanzania Revenue Authority, a student at Dar-es-laam University and married with one kid.

I also introduced myself as Joseph, founder and Executive Director of an Organization.



Here we go:-

Stranger: Something strange happened to my account last week, Tsh.700,000/- from my account was withdrawn by unknown person, has it ever occurred to you? [Establishing whether I have an account with the bank].

Myself: Well, it has never happened to me but I think it must have been an error in the bank. I advise you to see the customer care service manager/ Bank manager immediately and lodge in your complaint.

Stranger: Excuse me, "you said you are married with how many kids?"

Myself: One kid I replied.

Stranger: How old is the kid?

Myself: Kindergarten going.

Stranger: [Kept quiet for about five minutes and then asked,] If someone gave you advise, would you take it or not?

Myself: If it's good advice why not?
[We are now moving towards a smelly valley where they do some car washing].

Stranger: " I pity you gentleman, I pity you and more so a father".
Well I'm not Christine and I don't work with Tanzania Revenue Authority as earlier introduced, neither a student at University. I am a serial killer and that is my job.

Myself: I looked at the lady in disbelief and then exclaimed. The question in my heart was what next?

Stranger: And you laugh?

Myself: I'm not laughing, I'm wondering and scared (I answered in a low tone)
[I could not believe this humble lady change all of a sudden].

Stranger: You seem not to believe me, have you ever heard of serial killers in Tanzania?

Myself: Yes, I have ever heard of them.

Stranger: I trained to kill and my job is to kill.
"Here are my gadgets to prove to you that I'm a killer. I kill Albinos and other people."
[Pulled out one long sharp knife, short sharp double-edged knife, a pistol, rope with a knot, and bludgeon].
"Have you seen these" asked the stranger.

Myself: I answered, Yes Madam.
[Inside my heart I was like, what should I do now?].

I'm going to forgive you on the grounds that you are a father, but never ever board these small cars. These cars are for our own secretive business but not for taking people to their homes. Ok?
Never ever, Ok? X3 [Stressing and shouting, her hands shaking and her lips quivering as if possessed by demons].

Myself: I'm sorry Madam and I will never do it again.
[My heartbeat was so fast; my throat became dry and my feet very cold}
{Now nearing the petrol station on the road that joins the highway}.Excuse me Madam, 'I’m requesting to stop here and I will get to my hotel'.
Stranger: "I don't work on your orders, "Shut up" and I can kill you, I can kill you, I can kill you gentleman".
[Interchanging the knife and a pistol in her hands, remember she did not stop at any one moment. She continued driving towards the valley].

Myself : I kept quiet and I was very calm and in my heart I knew it was all over and then I said my last prayer.
[God my hour has come, forgive me my past mistakes while on earth and accept my soul, God take care of my little child I'm leaving behind on earth, Amen]. Chances to survive where so minimal that instead I requested God to pardon me and accept my soul.

Stranger: Do you have any money in your bag?

Myself: Yes, I have shs.500.000/- worth USD $250.

Stranger: Only? Who is going to pay for my fuel? Put all the money here, give me your phone and ATM card.

Myself : Here is the money and the phone but I don't have an ATM Card with me here. When I get to Hotel I will pick my Uncle and pay you.
[I had two phones, Erickson and Nokia. Nokia was on the side bag and could not be seen easily. I also had UG.sh.100.000/- worthy USD $50 in an envelope in the side bag.
I gave her the Erickson. Meanwhile she demanded that I open all my bags which I did and only to find scholastic materials for my child. I think this one made her more annoyed.

Stranger: You think I'm a fool, to go around the city, I'm the most wanted woman around if you didn't know." I said bring your ATM Card"
[As she points her pistol on my head, ready to shot at me, her eyes became red, her hands started shaking again as she withdrew her pistol and jeered].
[She removed the sim pack from the phone and threw it at me and retained the phone. "You man, you have your God and when you get to your home kneel and give thanks to your God. I will neither rape you nor kill you; you will reach your destination unhurt but give thanks to your God. [Trembling and shouting].

["Never ever do this silly mistake again" Have you heard? I'm an AIDS victim and you are forgiven on the grounds that you are a father and probably you have your God. [Now nearing the football stadium. I will show you where we throw dead bodies because it seems up to now you cannot believe what I'm saying. By the way what is your tribe?].

Myself: "Muganda from Uganda" I replied.

Stranger: Are you sure?

Myself: Yes Madam; I'm a Ugandan.

Stranger: Go and thank God, You are not the tribe that we want to kill nor an Albino.
[She shouts and her hands start shaking, her eyes turn red again as she gets her knife ready to stub].
Do you understand our language, Kiswahili?

Myself: Yes Madam, I do.

Stranger: "shukuruh bwana yesu!" Meaning, thank Mr. Jesus. You found when the spirit of killing had not descended upon me" Thank your God. [Repeated it three times as she placed her knife down].(Now near the Stadium, look down there {bushy dark valley} and then when you go back ask what they found there last week. The previous week a dead body of a young woman was found in that place.
[She drives around the field as she claimed was looking for safe parking, She tried to stop but saw a security guard and drove off very fast and joined Jako's Hotel road to the high way.
Myself: I again said my last prayer and my understanding capacity deteriorated and felt like my soul was ready to part with the body. My body was helpless and then mentioned one word OH MY GOD!

Stranger: What are you saying?

Myself : Kept quiet. [Enough of psychological torture and was like let her do what she wants].

Stranger: I'm talking to you [Shouting at me].
Well, this is what I have for you and it’s for your own consumption.
She starts to reveal.
Never ever accept lifts from strangers, [These small cars for example are used for operations of killing]. We take advantage of the situations, for example when it's raining or drizzling, and when there is scarcity of cars like now. It's the time most people are desperate.
Never trust people.
You can never tell by outside appearance what one is. For example, I'm smart, looked a lady claiming to work with Revenue Authority. I convinced you how difficult it is to get taxis as its school visiting day. Our lies are always based on simple logic.
Never board a taxi of less than three people.
One will pretend to be the driver another conductor, another passenger. We even use special hire cars on self-drive, go execute the mission and hand back to the owner.
We use so many tricks like also requesting for a lift.
We are many in town and our mission is to kill. Gentleman never ever,

You are lucky because you were not even the target group, thank your God. [Nearing the road to Seventh Day Adventist Church]. The ladies you boarded with were my target group and I know I will get them again. (After she mentioned these words she behaved as if she was coming from sleep and stopped her car suddenly. I'm going to leave you hear. [Next to where they wash cars - another dangerous zone]. Do you have transport?

Myself : No Madam, I don't have.

Stranger: How are you moving?

Myself : "I will walk" I replied.

Stranger: Ok, get out of my car and walk up to that house without looking behind and when you reach there, only come back when I have driven off. No making any noise and should you, then I will shoot. [As she points her pistol at me].

Myself : Got out of the car, one of shoes got off as I was trembling.
Stranger: Put on your shoes properly and quickly walk. [Shouting and very rude].

Myself : I was already psychologically dead and I knew she was going to shoot. My wobbling feet could not support me enough and life was a mile away. I Walked about five meters away and heard this stranger take off at neck speed. Continued because my fear was she could come back and harm me. I could not hold my tears, started crying and suddenly saw a man with gun coming towards me. {Security guard to the home I was ordered to move to].
Security Guard: Sorry, I saw you at gun point from a distance and I wanted to shoot but unfortunately you were at close range and my fear was I would end up shooting you. That one must be among the killer group. You are lucky. Has she injured you?

Myself : Basically psychological torture and took some money but no physical harm. [About three minutes later my Uncle called on the hidden phone that was on the side of the bag. That watchman was helpful as he helped me to cross the road to board taxi to the Heritage Hotel. I have been under fear but thanks be to God I'm coming out of it though the memories are still very fresh.
This was a nasty experience that I wouldn't like anybody to go through and this is what I have to say.

The world we are in is full of evil and please don't make the same mistake!

Watch out! You may not be as lucky as I was to come out of that quagmire.

Please don't give lifts to strangers for those with cars!

Those without cars don’t ask for lifts from strangers!

Be cautious on what you talk and where you talking!

Be close to your God at all times and commit each day to him before any activity [Could be one thing that shielded me when I met the enemy]

Remember the story of Daniel, Aberdeen and Shadrach, Rescued without a scratch.

God was also on my side! Please take care!

Thank you for sparing your time to read through my story.


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