Bible Verses to Consider - Insights of God


2)Dangersofsomeofthethingsweuse&somenotesfrom Dr. Kiyimba Joseph



[NB: Use King James version of the Bible which properly presents all the Scriptures infull. Do not use NIV-New International version [whichomitspartsofsomeverses, omitsentireversesandin somecasesavoids presentingJesusastheSonofGod. TheBiblesaysinthebookofRevelationthat ifanyone takes any part of thebook out, God will take away from themall the blessings in that book)]].

Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdomofheaven(MATTHEW 5:19).

If ye love ME, keep MY commandments(JOHN 14:15).

And hereby we do know that weknowhim,ifwekeephiscommandments.He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him(1 JOHN 2:3-4).


commandments,anddothosethingsthatarepleasinginHISSight(1 JOHN 3:22).

2Bythis we know that we love the children of GOD, when we love GOD, and keep hiscommandments. 3Forthis is the love of GOD, that we keep HIS

commandments: and HIS commandments are not grievous(1 JOHN 5:2-3).

Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the Commandmentsof

GOD and the faith of JESUS(REVELATION14:12).

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments ofGOD,andhavethe testimonyofJESUSCHRIST (REVELATION12:17).

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be goodorbad.Knowingtherefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences(2 CORINTHIANS5:10-11).

HAVING therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthinessofthe flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God


Wherefore,mybeloved,asyehavealwaysobeyed,notas in my presence only, but nowmuchmoreinmyabsence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (PHILLIPIANS2:12).

But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman, to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart(MATTHEW 5:28).

Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thybeard(LEVITICUS 19:27).

Youshallnotmakecuttingsinyourfleshforthedead,norprintanymarksupon you: I am the LORD(LEVITICUS19:28).

Dothnotevennatureitselfteachyou,that,ifamanhavelonghair,itisashame untohim?Butifawoman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her foracovering(1CORINTHIANS 11:14-15).

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD thyGod (DEUTERONOMY22:5).

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacednessandsobriety;notwithbroidedhair,orgold,orpearls,orcostly array;(1TIMOTHY2:9)

Whoseadorningletitnotbethatoutwardadorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart,inthatwhichisnotcorruptible,eventheornamentofameekandquiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. For afterthismannerintheold time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands(1 PETER 3:3-5).

And whenthouartspoiled,whatwiltthoudo? Thoughthouclothestthyselfwith crimson,thoughthou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thyfacewithpainting,invainshaltthoumakethyselffair;thyloverswilldespise thee, they will seek thy life(JEREMIAH4:30).

Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death(EXODUS22:19). Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination


Andifamanwillatallredeemoughtofhistithes,heshalladdtheretothefifthpart thereof(LEVITICUS 27:31).

Will a man rob God? Yet you haverobbedme.Butyousay,Whereinhavewe robbed Thee? In tithes and offerings. Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbedme,eventhiswholenation.Bringyeallthetithesintothestorehouse,that there may be meat in My house, and prove Me now herewith,saiththeLORDof hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour out you a blessing, thatthereshallnotberoomenoughtoreceiveit.AndIwillrebukethedevourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground;neithershallyour vinecastherfruitbeforethetimeinthefield,saiththeLORDofhosts.Andall nations shall call you blessed: for you shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD ofhosts(MALACHI3:8-12).

Uponthefirstdayoftheweekleteveryone of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come (1 CORINTHIANS 16:2).

This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate thereindayandnight,thatthoumayestobservetodoaccording to all that is writtentherein:forthenthoushaltmakethywayprosperous,andthenthoushalt havegoodsuccess(JOSHUA1:8).

AllscriptureisgivenbyinspirationofGod,andisprofitablefordoctrine,forreproof, for correction, for instructioninrighteousness:ThatthemanofGodmaybe

perfect,throughlyfurnisheduntoallgoodworks(2TIMOTHY 3:16-17).

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better

for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in thedepthofthesea (MATTHEW 18:6).

Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh(MATTHEW 24:44).

Watchyethereforeandprayalways,thatyemaybeaccountedworthyto escapeallthesethings that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man(LUKE 21:36).

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confessoursins,heisfaithfulandjusttoforgiveusoursinsandcleanseusfromall unrighteousness(1 JOHN 1:8-9).

AndJesuscameandspakeuntothem,saying,Allpowerisgivenuntomein heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching themto observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always,evenuntotheendoftheworld.Amen(MATTHEW 28:18-20).

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;buthethatdoeththewillofmyFatherwhichisinheaven.Manywillsay tomeinthatday,Lord,Lord,havewenotprophesiedinthyname?andinthy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And

thenwillIprofessuntothem,Ineverknewyou:departfromme,yethatwork iniquity(MATTHEW 7:21-23).

But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses(MATTHEW6:15).

And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: butwhosoeverspeaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come(MATTHEW 12:32).

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadethtodestruction,andmanytherebewhichgointhereat:Becausestraitis the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that findit.Bewareoffalseprophets,whichcometoyouinsheep’sclothing,but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?(MATTHEW 7:13-16).

Whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire (MATTHEW 5:22). AndIsayuntoyoumyfriends,Benotafraidofthemthatkillthebody,andafter

thathaveno more that they can do. But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him(LUKE 12:4-5).

I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrathand doubting. In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, withshamefacednessandsobriety;notwithbroidedhair,orgold,orpearls,or costlyarray;(1TIMOTHY2:8-9).

Ihavefoughtagood fight, I have finished my course,Ihavekeptthefaith: Henceforththereislaidupformeacrownofrighteousness,whichtheLord,the righteousjudge,shallgivemeatthatday:andnottomeonly,butuntoallthem alsothatlovehisappearing(2TIMOTHY 4:7-8).

But if ye will not hearkenuntometohallowthesabbathday,andnottobeara burden, even entering in at the gates of Jerusalem on the sabbath day; then will I kindleafireinthegatesthereof,anditshalldevourthepalacesofJerusalem,and it shall not be quenched (JEREMIAH 17:27).

WINEisamocker,strongdrinkisraging:andwhosoeverisdeceivedtherebyisnot wise(PROVERBS20:1).

KnowyenotthattheunrighteousshallnotinheritthekingdomofGod?Benot deceived:neitherfornicators,noridolaters,noradulterers,noreffeminate,nor abusersofthemselveswithmankind,Northieves,norcovetous,nordrunkards,nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God(1 CORINTHIANS6:9-10).

When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same

wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor fromhis wicked way,heshalldieinhisiniquity;butthouhastdeliveredthysoul (EZEKIEL3:18-19).

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart fromit (PROVERBS22:6).

Anhigh look, and a proud heart, and the plowing ofthe wicked, is sin


For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven (MATTHEW5:20).

There is therefore now no condemnationtothemwhichareinChristJesus,who walknotaftertheflesh,butaftertheSpirit(ROMANS 8:1).

Andbenotconformedtothisworld:butbeyetransformedbytherenewingof yourmind,thatyemayprovewhatisthatgood,andacceptable,andperfect, will of God (ROMANS 12:2).

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, isnotoftheFather,butisofthe world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will ofGodabidethforever (1 JOHN 2:15-16).

And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence,and notbeashamed before him at his coming. If ye know that he is righteous,yeknowthateveryonethatdoethrighteousnessisbornofhim(1 JOHN


Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternallifeabidingin him(1JOHN3:15).

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel,andwiththetrumpofGod:andthedeadinChristshallrisefirst:Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with themin the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord


Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh andblood,butagainstprincipalities, againstpowers,againsttherulersofthedarknessofthisworld,againstspiritual wickednessinhighplaces(EPHESIANS 6:11-12).

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstandintheevilday,andhavingdoneall,tostand.Standtherefore,having yourloinsgirtaboutwithtruth,andhavingonthebreastplateofrighteousness;

Andyourfeetshodwiththepreparationofthegospelofpeace;Aboveall,taking the shield of faith, wherewithyeshallbeabletoquenchallthefierydartsofthe wicked.Andtakethehelmetofsalvation,andtheswordoftheSpirit,whichisthe word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watchingthereuntowithallperseverance and supplication for all saints (EPHESIANS6:13-18).

This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they whichhavebelievedinGodmightbecarefultomaintaingoodworks.These thingsaregoodandprofitableuntomen(TITUS 3:8).

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord




Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden underfoot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spiritofgrace?(HEBREWS 10:29).

Forifwesinwilfullyafterthat we have received knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment andfieryindignation,whichshalldevourtheadversaries(HEBREWS10:26).

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands ofthelivingGod (HEBREWS 10:31). WHEREFOREseeingwealsoarecompassedaboutwithsogreatacloudof

witnesses,letuslayasideeveryweight,andthesinwhich dothsoeasilybesetus, andletusrunwithpatiencethe race that is set before us,LookinguntoJesusthe author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Forconsiderhimthatenduredsuchcontradictionofsinnersagainsthimself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, strivingagainstsin(HEBREWS 12:1-4).

Butbeyedoersoftheword,andnothearersonly,deceivingyourownselves.Forif any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, heislikeuntoamanbeholdinghis natural face in a glass: For he beholdeth himself and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was. But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetfulhearer,but




Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doethit not, tohimit is sin


Andiftherighteousscarcelybesaved,whereshalltheungodlyandthesinner appear?(1 PETER 4:18).

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shallpassawaywithagreatnoise,andthe elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that allthesethingsshallbedissolved,whatmannerofpersonsoughtyetobeinall holyconversationandgodliness,Lookingforandhastinguntothecomingofthe day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?(2 PETER 3:10-12).

ForthisistheloveofGod,thatwekeephiscommandments:andhis commandmentsarenotgrievous.ForwhateverisbornofGodovercomeththe world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith

(1 JOHN 5:3-4).

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remembertherefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of hisplace,exceptthourepent(REVELATION 2:4-5).

Fearnoneofthosethingswhichthoushaltsuffer:behold,thedevilshallcastsome of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcomethshallnot behurtbytheseconddeath(REVELATION2:10-11).

Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that womanJezebel,whichcallethherselfaprophetess,toteachandtoseducemy servantstocommitfornication,andtoeatthingssacrificeduntoidols.AndIgave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her intoabed,andthemthatcommitadulterywithherintogreattribulation,except theyrepentoftheirdeeds.AndIwill kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works(REVELATION2:20-23).

Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and holdfast,and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shaltnotknowwhathourIwillcomeuponthee(REVELATION 3:3).

He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, andbeforehisangels(REVELATION 3:5).

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then, because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and

poor,andblind,andnaked:Icounseltheetobuyofmegoldtriedinthefire,that thoumayestberich;andwhiteraiment,thatthoumayestbeclothed,andthat theshameofthynakednessdonotappear;andanointthineeyeswitheyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore,andrepent(REVELATION3:15-19).

AndIbeheldwhenhehadopenedthesixthseal,and,lo,therewasagreat earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon becameasblood;Andthestarsofheavenfelluntotheearth,evenasafigtree castethheruntimelyfigs,whensheisshakenofamightywind.Andtheheaven departedasascrollwhenitisrolledtogether;andeverymountainandisland weremovedoutoftheirplaces.Andthekingsoftheearth,andthegreatmen, and the rich men,andthechiefcaptains,andthemightymen,andevery bondman,andeveryfreeman,hidthemselvesinthedensandintherocksofthe mountains;Andsaidtothemountainsandrocks,Fallonus,andhideusfromthe face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?


And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive amarkintheirrighthand,orintheirforeheads;andthatnomanmaybuyorsell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Hereiswisdom.Lethimthathathunderstandingcountthenumberofthebeast:

for it is the number of a man, and his number is Sixhundredthreescoreandsix


9And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead,or in his hand,10The sameshalldrinkofthewineofthe wrath of GOD, which is poured out without mixtureintothecupofHISindignation;andheshallbetormentedwithfire



Butinhisestateshallhe honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and precious stones, and pleasant things(DANIEL 11:38).

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garmentwaswhite as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne waslikefieryflame,andhiswheelsasburningfire.Afierystreamissuedandcame forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand timestenthousandstood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened(DANIEL 7: 9-10).

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death (REVELATION21:8).

And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with Me, to give every man accordingashisworkshallbe(REVELATION 22:12).

He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.Amen.Evenso,come, Lord Jesus.ThegraceofourLordJesusChristbewithyouall.Amen





Lipsticks, Makeups, Ladies trousers are all satanic manipulative products manufacturedtocagehumanbeingsintosexualperversionandintoself-pride andself-display.Theseareveryseductivedemonicproductsforthisend-age.

Demonicpowderisplacedonlipsticks and makeups for people to be more bound intotheirtrapsandmanipulationforsexualseductions.

Trousers:Thesearemarketingmaterialsforladiestoshowcasetheir bodiesforthe deviltoshowtheirdesigninthemarketofthisworld.Actually, the LORD abhors such dressing from ladies that say they are Christians. Trousers are an abomination totheLORDasitiswritteninDeut.22:5.Furthermore,trousersforwomenwere designedunderthewaterkingdominAthens,Greeceandtransportedall overthe world in the markets and it finally found widespread acceptanceamongevenso called Christians. So Sad that our dearest choir sisters, love this demonic dressing.

a)What do you have to say about necklaces, bracelets, bungles, nose rings etc.?

Answer: All these things are Vanity fairs. Do you really need them? Will they take you to heaven or hell if you do not use them? All these can have serious demonic influence and indeed the scripture is clear on them.

b)Womenareconvincedthatthetrousers they wear are not for men but women. HowcantheybepersuadedtoobeyDEUT22:5?

Answer: Trousers are abomination to the LORD. Trousers for women were manufactured by Lucifer in the person of the Queen of the Coast to serve as marketing materials for the bodies of Ladies. Any lady who calls herself Christian and uses trousers, she needs serious deliverance from the demons of seductions, indecency, impurity and sexual lust. You cannot convince a lady to stop using trousers unless the Holy Spirit visits her. Leave this issue to GOD to solve with them and we pray it is not late for them.

c)Paul said in 1 COR 11:6 that if a woman doesn't have long hair, she should be totally bald. Why is this OK?

Answer: Misinterpretation from your part. It is simply stating that if it is a shame for a woman to shave or for a woman to be bald, then it also will be if she does not have long hair to serve as covering. It is advised that she should use a covering.

d)Do you know what happens (in the spirit world) to angels of God when women haveshorthairanddonotcovertheirheads?

Answer: God knows. But the scriptures say that before Angels women short use scarves for such cases.

Earringsas I said, we should avoid them if you are a Lady becausein the Bible it is clearaboutthem.

1Tim 2:9Inlike manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacednessandsobriety;notwithbroidedhair,orgold,orpearls,orcostly array;

1Tim 2:10 But(whichbecomethwomenprofessinggodliness)withgoodworks.

The use of these things (earrings and makeups)eveninnnocentlyisreally dangerous. WhatIsaidis,youdonotneedtouse earringsbecausetheywillnotadd up to anything or take you to heavenevenifyouusethem.Theseare unnecessaryitems.




Youmustbeborn-again (JOHN 3:3-5).AsktheLorddailythatyoumaybereadywhen

Hereturns to take His bride to the wedding in Heaven (LUKE 21:36) andbeholyby washinginthebloodofJesusfromallsinsatalltimes (1 JOHN 1:8-9)andalsoalwaysbe filled with the Holy Spirit(ROMANS8:14, GALATIANS5:16).

Read PREPARE 1-20andtherestoftheattachmentssenttoyouearlieroverandoverto remindyourselfoftheseriousnessofwherewewillspendeternity-HeavenorHell.

Alwaysforgiveeveryoneandask Godforforgivenessfor anything that is written against youintheBookofJudgmentinHeaven.


Youmustbeborn-again;bebaptizedinthe Name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit

(believe in your heart & confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and personal Saviour, be baptized by immersion in water, be filled with the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s fire).

Payyourtithes&offerings faithfully (from your gross income not the net income & pay

20%extraifyouhaveborrowedthetithe-LEV27:31)).Returnwhatyouhaveborrowedor stolen to the owner(s).

PrayfortheGospeltobepreached everywhere (for we do not wrestle against people butagainstSatan’swicked spirits; and pray at least 1 hour a day including tongues in the Holy Spirit and plead theBloodofJesusatalltimes).

Fast (whenever led to do so by the Holy Spirit); read the Bible everyday (comparing whatever you hear, read&dowiththeBible);attendaBible-believing Church & fellowship every week, share the Gospel of Christ with others around you, keep all the TenCommandments (EXODUS 20). Use King James version oftheBiblewhichproperly presents all the Scriptures infull.Do not use NIV (whichomitspartsofsomeverses, omits entireversesandin some cases avoidspresenting Jesus as the Son of God–theBible saysifonetakesanypartoftheBibleoutofit,God will take away from them Eternal Life).

Loveyourneighborasyourself,payyourdebtsandtaxes,confessyoursinsimmediately tothe Heavenly Father (whenever you realize you have sinned aswellasforallunknown sins anddoitregularly)andhavearepentanthumbleheartat alltimes,forgivethatyou maybe forgiven, judge not, and be filled with the Holy Spirit at alltimes(Whowill empoweryouto serve God and walk in the fruit of love, joy, peace,patience,kindness, goodness, faithfulness,humilityandself-control).

Pastors you are the spiritualgatekeepersofyourcities(JOEL1:13-14). You need to unite withspiritually-discerningintercessors(inrepentance,humility,theanointingoftheHoly Spirit and holiness before God) and then engage in ground-level,occult-leveland strategic-levelspiritual warfare prayer to effectively reach your cities for Christ.Always pleadthebloodofJesus over you, your loved ones, your prayer partners and your property.

ParentsandGod-parents you are responsible (in the eyes of God)totrainyourchildren andGod-children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. TakethemtoSundayschool everySunday (if they are of nursery age). Watch the way your daughtersdress(not seductivelyinminiskirts, mini-dressesorindecentclothing-exposingtheirundergarments, behind,thighs andlegs,notinlow-cut blouses-showcasingandexposingtheir breasts, andnotintightclothingorhotpantsbutinaGod-fearing way and teach themtoavoid trousersandshorts (tightorloose) -advertising their figures and flesh (DEUTERONOMY

22:5).Monitorwhatyour children watch on TV and internet and help themavoidsecular musicandsecularentertainment(whichareinspiredandempoweredbythe enemy).

Prayforthemwithout ceasing and lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

(JOHN 3:3). Teach the girls and young ladies that they are responsible (before God) for all the men they cause to stumble or lust by their indecent dressing.

Pastors if you do not warn the girls, ladies and female worship leaders in your churchesto dress decently in the house of God and even outside church, their blood will be on your hands.

Pastorswhoaremembersofsecretsocieties,repentbefore the wrath of God is unleashedonyouforeternity.Churchmembers,prayforyourPastorsandworship leaderswithoutceasing.

Pastorsifyoudonotwarnyourflocktowalkinholinessandrapture-readinessatalltimes, you will have to give an account before God for every one of them.

Believers, if we do not share Christ with our loved ones and thegeneralpublic,wewill alsohavetogiveanaccountbeforeGodforthosewhoperish.

Gracepreachers,beawarethatwe will allgiveanaccount before God for all the deedsdoneinthislife,goodorbad(2 CORINTHIANS5:10-11; 7:1).Wecan’tbesaved by works, yes, we are saved by grace, buttheBiblesaysinJAMES2:20-26, thatweare justifiedbyworksalsoand that faith without works is dead.Itsaysin1JOHN1:8-9 that if we say we have no sinwedeceiveourselvesandthe truth is not in us but ifweconfess oursinsHeisfaithfulandjusttoforgiveusoursinsandto cleanseusfromall unrighteousness.ItalsosaysinREVELATION3:3-5thatifwe do not repent,wewillbe caught unaware at the coming of the Lord but if we hold fast, repent,donotdefileour garments,watchandovercome,wewillnotbe blotted out of the Book of Life and later in Revelationthat all whose names are not written in the Book of Life will be castintothe lake of fire. Jesus addedin JOHN14:15that if we love Him wewillkeep His commandments.

PastorWilfredLaiisaPastorofa20,000-peoplechurchinMombasa,Kenya.Mostofhis churchmembersareborn-again and appearSpirit-filled.Heonceasked the Lord how many of his churchmemberswerereadytogotoHeavenand God saidonly200were readytogotoHeaven(1%ofthechurch).Thisisprobablythecaseforeverychurchwith born-again believerswho appear to be Spirit-filledworldwide.Why?Unrepentedsinand disobediencetomanyofGodscommandmentsinthe Bible.

Prostitutes you are responsible for all the people you cause tolustastheypassyoubyor as they use you. Those who sell and show pornographic movies and newspapers you are alsoresponsible for all the people you cause to sin by looking at your material.

Keep hard copy Bibles and prints of literature about the endtimes and how one can be saved (to help those in the Great Tribulation know how to be saved).Keepcanned nonperishablefood and water to help those who will be left behind in the Great Tribulation.Ifyouareleftbehind, be ready todieforyourfaithinJesusChristofNazareth becausetheantichristwillforceeveryoneonEarthtoreceivethismarkofthebeastor bekilledbut ifyoucommitsuicide,youwillendupinhell.Praythat the rapture does not takeplaceinwinterbecause there will be no electricity available for heating. Have strongshoes&warmclothing to help you or others left behind to flee from the antichrist.

Becarefulnow aboutsecularmusic(inspired&empowered by the evil one), the occult, martial arts, yoga, tarot cards, Ouija boards, fortune tellers, horoscopes, “Your Star” i.e.

Capricorn,Cancer,Leoetc,luxuries&gadgetsfromtheunderworldandsea,horror movies, HarryPorterfilms,Halloween,cartoons(which teach children about witchcraft and rebellion),idolworship,suicide,hiphopmusic(includingChristianhiphop),satanic Bible, hiphopbible,sixthandseventhbookofMoses,reggae music and rock music (includingChristianrockmusic).

Becarefulnow abouthomosexuality,lesbianism,bisexuality,bestiality,transexuality, polygamy,polyandry,pornography,prostitution,masturbationandfornication/adultery (physicallyorinthemind,lustingafterpeoplewithyoureyesorbody).

Becarefulnow about obscene/vulgar words, secular entertainment (inspired and empoweredbytheevilone),alcohol,smoking,narcoticdrugs, soccer/football(agod andidolinitself),statuesofpeople,ofobjectsandofanimals,teddybears,toys(transfer wrongspirits to children), telling lies, political correctness, being late for Church or appointments(withoutavalidreason),playinggamesonSundays(the Sabbath), workingorbuyingandsellingonSundays(the Sabbath),recreationonSundays (the Sabbath),gossiping,selfishness,hatred,envy,unbeliefintheWordofGod,malice, stealing,jeering,abusing,complaining,arguing,harshness,rudeness,impatience,foolish talking, foolish jokes, teasing, bullying,fighting,selfishness,hatredandpride.

Becarefulnow aboutcontraceptives,artificialinsemination,abortion,tattoos,clothing withprintsofdragons,printsoffierybeasts&otherugly,idolatrous orseductiveobjects, earrings, necklacesandjewelry,lowcutblouses,partlyunbuttonedblouses (to expose partorallthe breasts), bikinis, g-strings,mini-skirts,mini-dresses,skirtswithslits,seductive clothing,menwearingvestsortowelsandbeingseenbytheirdaughters,transparent clothing,saggingtrousers, artificial hair, hair extensions, dyeinghair,Rastahair,men having long hair, womenwith short hair, cosmetic pencils, acrylic nails, modeling (promotingthespiritofvanity), cosmeticeyecoloring,skincolorchanging,cosmetic plasticsurgery,contactlenses,hot pants and ladies' trousers – tightorloose.(It is said that men with long hair and women with short hair end up in hell. It is also said that girls and women who wear trousers end up in hell). Someone even had a testimony where she saw women in hell because of earrings, makeupanddyedhair(praytoGodto confirmthisandreadDEUTERONOMY22:5,1CORINTHIANS11:14-15,1TIMOTHY2:9-10,

1PETER3:3-5, JEREMIAH 4:30, 1JOHN2:15-17).

These artificial products and clothing come from the underworld and the sea and have namesofmermaidspiritsordemons(e.g.Diva)andtheseladies’trousersweredesigned about60yearsagobyoccultistsundertheseainAthens, Greece(duringWorldWar2 whenmen were fighting in the war and women had to work in the factories while wearingtrousersthat had been invented for them to use) and the occultists attach demonsofseductiontothehipsofthesetrousers.(ImmoralitygreatlyincreasedonEarth when these ladies’ trousers were introduced and men got interested in getting women withlarge bottoms. Then ladies’ shorts, hot pants, skirts with slits, low-cut blouses, mini-skirts andmini-dresses were also introduced for figure, hip, bottom, leg and breast advertisement,transparentclothing, g-strings,andbikinisforhalf-nakednessortotal nakedness and pornography). Abomination before God!

Second-hand clothes and shoes transfer wrong spirits to the new buyers (clothes transfer

anointing-good or bad e.g. Elijah’s mantle to Elisha and Jesus’ helm to the woman with theissueofblood).AskfordiscernmentfromtheHolySpiritonwhattobuy.(Alsoread DEUTERONOMY22:5,JEREMIAH4:30,1PETER3:3-4, LEVITICUS 19:28, LEVITICUS 19:31, NEHEMIAH10:31,JEREMIAH17:27,MALACHI3:8-10, MATTHEW 5:3-48,MATTHEW10:28, MATTHEW28:18-20, JOHN 14:6,ACTS8:12&13,ACTS8:35-38, ROMANS 2:1-6,ROMANS


5:16-26,GALATIANS6:7-8, EPHESIANS6:11-18,JAMES4:4,JAMES4:6,HEBREWS10:26&27, HEBREWS 12:14, I JOHN 1:8 & 9, I JOHN 2:15-17,REVELATION3:5,REVELATION3:16).





A Bolivian woman [Adelaida De Carrillo] was taken to Heaven and Hell by Our

Lord Jesus Christ.

PleasereadthisTestimonycarefullyandseeallthatOurLordJesusChristshowed toSisterAdelaidainHeavenandinHell.Thistestimonyisforallthatreallywantto spend their eternitywithGodinHeaven.Pleasesharethistestimonywithyour friendsand lovedones.


God bless you all, I'm here to tell you all about my testimony, this testimony will help youalltounderstand the plan of God. It hasn't been easy for me but I'm here to

dowhat God has asked me to do. First I will start by reading the Bible from the


Ezekiel 36: 25 - 26 says:ThenwillIsprinklecleanwateruponyou,andyeshallbe clean; from all your filthiness, and from all your idols will I cleanse you. Verse [26] A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.”

Mytestimonygoeslikethis:itwasonaSunday,aministrationwasgoingoninthe church,therewasagreatblessingwithinthechurchatabout21:00pmandmy Pastorsaidtome:“Adelaida,The Lord is asking me to anoint you”, shepoureda lotofoilonherpalmsandshestartedanointingmybody.

She anointed my ears, my legs, my stomach and all the parts of my body she could andimmediatelysheplacedherhandsuponmyfore-head, I saw a great lightcoming from above and the light descended on me and from that moment I couldn'ttellwhatwashappeningtomeanymore.

I was unconscious and I didn’t know what was happening to me anymore and fromthat moment they decided to take my body to my husband in the house.


Then started a long process, the Angels came to me, they took me up and I was goingupabovetheskywiththem,theAngelstartedbattlingonourwaybecause

before we could get to where we were going, there was a black veil,

contaminated bydemons on the clouds and for that reason we couldn't pass through.

Immediately, I saw a bright light from Heaven and then a very beautiful Angel was sentbyGod,theAngel had in his hand a sword with a great light, he stretched forthhis sword and startedfightingthedemonssowecouldpassthroughandget towhere God wanted us to go.

Now I will make a description of how the Angel was, He was like a Prince, He had

a goldenplateonHischest,hehadaverybeautifulclothing,Hishairwaslikegold, very beautiful and His face was like rays of light, very beautiful and I could see His cheeksandHisface.


Afterthatwe went to a very big place and at the top of the entrance I couldsee what was written on it“THECOMPANYOFGOD.Thetwoangelsthatbroughtme

from earth handed me over to three other angels that were waiting for me at the

entrance of the company. I call it company because this is how the Lord showed it tome,then we went into the place and they started washing me.

Then I said to them:“Whatareyoudoingtome?Whatisgoingonhere?Please help me”. The angels said nothing to me, not even a word and they continued to washeverypartofmybodywithvery cleanwater.Theycarriedoutagreat process righttherecleaningme.Theystartedwashingmyknees,itwasterribleand Icontinued asking them why they were doing that to me because the pain I felt wasterrible.

Suddenly, I could hear a voice; theangelswerenotrespondingtomyquestion and suddenly I heard a voice speaking into my mind saying:“I want you to know that I gave you those knees for you to be a woman of prayers, not for you to go around doing things that don't please me said The Lord to me. These knees were given to you to intercede for the church. You must know that.”

I wasn't a very prayerful woman, my prayers used to be very short when I was prayingandthe Lord wanted more, God wanted me to pray more.

Theangelcontinuedto wash me and they went down to my legs and they were washing my legs, I was crying to God for mercy because I felt so much pain on my legs, they were scraping my legs, the pain was terrible and I continued to cry for mercy.

The Lord said to me: “These legs were given to you to go around preaching The Gospel, to spread my word and not for you to go around to your neighbours, gossiping, doing things that don't please me” andforthisreason,TheLordsaidto me“I'm washing your legs.”

But I'm saying to you the pain was terrible, my body, my flesh, my soul felt so much paingoingthroughthisprocess.

The Lord said to me: “This is very necessary for you to understand my plans for you.”

Then I was taken to another place, three other angels werewaitingformethere because that place was described as a company and in there were different thingslikemachines.Anotherprocessstartedinthere,theangelsintherestarted cleaningmy eyes with a liquid like oil, I felt like my eyes were broughtoutofthe socketsandIsaid to them: Please have mercy on me, help me, why are you doingthistome?”

Because of the pain I felt during the process, it was like they were scraping my eyesand something like a sardine fish was brought out from my eyes,thisisthe wayIcandescribe it.

AndthenaftertheLordsaidtome: “Daughter I'm doing this for you because I want you to change. The things you used to do on earth weren't pleasing me. I didn't like when you were on earth watching things that don't please me; you were watching TV-Novels.”

The Lord said: “That doesn’t edify your life.” The Lord said: “It doesn't please me whenever my children are watching things like that, that don't glorify me.”

I said Lord: “Forgive me, have mercy on me.”

AndtheLordsaidtome: “In the middle of the night at about 00:00am, you are always there watching movies that don't edify you, and a lot of those movies have pornography attached to them, I didn't give you those eyes for such things, I gave you those eyes for you to look only to things that glorify me and for this reason I'm cleaning your eyes.”

And the angels continued to clean my eyes while I was still asking The Lord for mercy.

My eyes were anointed with oil, from that moment I had a differentlook,mylook wastotallytransformed,myeyeswerechanged.

The Lord said to me: “Don't lust after the husbands of other people any more”, because before I was fond of admiring other men, and The Lord said to me that thosethingswerenotpleasing Him.

I'm here to testify about my life, to tell you who I used to be, I was a medium Evangelical Christian, I never did things according to the word of God, all I used to do was according to my own desire and pattern, all contrary to the will of God.

I'mtestifyingtodayinorderforyoutoamendyourways,thistestimonyisforthe salvationofsouls,tosavemyownsoulandyourownsoul.

Brothersandsisterslisteningtothistestimony,lustingisasin,watchingTV-novels, worldlymovies,allthesethingsdon'tpleaseGodandthisismyreasonforsharing thistestimonywithyouall.

The angels continued the cleaning process, they brought forth a tiny bar in form of a glass,itwasputstraightintomyearsandtheystartedscrapingmy ears, I felt a terriblepain,mysoulwentthroughallthesepains.Astheangelcontinuedto scrapemy ears, a black liquid was coming out of my ears and later another grey color.

I cried to The Lord to have mercy on me and help me because the painwas terrible.

The Lord said to me: “Daughter I’m cleaning your ears because you were fond of listening to things that don't please me, you were fond of listening to gossips, you dedicated your ears to hearing things that don't please me. Some people come to you to gossip and talk about Pastor, you were fond of listening to them even when they gossip about your own Pastor, you were fond of listening to them. Instead of you defending your Pastors and correcting the gossipers to amend their ways, you were like them, gossiping with them.”

And The Lord said to me: “Neverlistentogossipanymore,wheneveranyone comes to you with any form of gossip, don't listen to them, excuse yourself from them and go away immediately without partaking in it, don't listen to things that don’t edify you anymore.”

I said:Lord, have mercy on me”,I knew that I really did all those things, nothing is hidden from God, no one can hide from The Lord, all that we're doing here on earthisrecordedinHeaven,everythingwe'redoingandsayingareallrecorded.

I said: “Lord forgive me, have mercy on me, because I felt so much pain in my ears.Myearswereanointedbytheangel.

The Lord said to me: “From this day hence, you will only listen to things I've permitted you to, you will only do the things I've asked you to do, you will not be the former Adelaida any more, you are now a new person and you must be the woman I want you to be.”

And I said: “Lordhavemercyonme”.

Iwasthentakentoanotherapartment, this other place was to clean my mouth, mytonguewasbroughtoutofmymouth,mytonguewasplacedonaplatform likea tray and the angel started cleaning my tongue, I continued to cry for mercy and help from the Lord, the pain I felt during all thisprocesswashorrible.

The Lord said to me: “I want to clean you, I want to clean you, says The Lord to me”.

The angels were still scraping my tongue and a black liquid was flowing down from my tongue, and later a white liquid. The angels used a very sweet water to

cleansemy tongue. The water was very sweet; nothing here on earth can be comparedtothe sweetness of the water that was used to wash my tongue. Then


Mymouthalsowentthroughthesameprocess;blackliquidwasflowingdown frommymouth.

The Lord said to me: “Daughter, I'm doing this for you not to gossip any more, for you to stop doing things that don't please me, because your tongue collaborated in a lot of things that don't glorify me, you told many lies, stop lying.”

The Lord said to me: “Telling lies is not mine, liars don't please Me, all liars can never see Me, no liar will enter into The Kingdom Of Heaven.”

I said: “Lord have mercy on me, I know I did all those things, I told many lies, but please forgive me and help me.Isaid all this because of the pain I was going throughatthatmoment.

The Lord said: “I'm doing all this because I love you, if you continue the way you used to be, I'm going to lose you. If I hadn't done all this, you were never going to change, I have to save your soul and this is my reason for doing all this. I love you, because I love you I don't want to lose you.”

The Lord said: “Just like you, many among my people are like that, telling lies, living a double life and they appear to be pure to others. When you shout at your husband also your tongue is being used.” MymouthwastotallycleansedandThe Lordasked me to swallow some water, which I did.

My tongue and my mouth were anointed with a verypreciouscelestialoil,theoil wasveryspecialwithaveryprecioussmell,itcannotbecomparedwithanyoil hereonearth,mytonguewasfixedbackintomymouth.Oneoftheangelscame and fixedabridleinmythroat.

And The Lord said to me: “This is the same way the horses are being bridled”.

I will tell you this, this is the only way we can be changed and transformed, stop

speaking vain and filthy words and partaking in things that don't edify us, these thingsdon'tpleaseGod.

Stop saying vain and filthy words.Thereare a lot of Christian Brothers, Sisters, Evangelists,Missionariesetcthatarefondofspeakingvainandfilthywords.I'm hereto testify about allthat the Lord showed me for the transformation of your

life;thistestimony is for you to change. The love of God for you and I brought forth thistestimony.

My tongue was fixed back by the angels and totally transformed;Icantellyou nowno one can provoke me anymore, now I can only do things that please God. Thenmy nose went through the same process, a black liquid came out of my nose and later a white one. My nose was anointed and I felt so much pain during the process. I said: LordpleasetellmethethingsIdidwithmynostrilsthatdidn't pleaseyou.”

TheLordsaidtome: “Some of your clients do smoke cigarettes and you breathe in the smoke through your nostrils because you were once a smoker and you still feel comfortable sitting with them while they are smoking.”Isaid:“Lord Iknow,forgive me, have mercy on me.”

The Lord said to me: “You are the same with all those smoking cigarettes and all that drink alcohol whenever you stay there with them breathing in the smell of the cigarette or alcoholic drinks.”

The Lord said: “This is my reason for cleansing you, so from today whenever you see anyone smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol you won't be comfortable among them anymore, it will rather disgust you.”

There is no excuse before The Lord, God knows exactly who you are and who I am, Blessed be The Holy name of The Lord. Amen.

I continued asking The Lord for mercy and I was taken to another place. In there, theangels started washing the rest of my body with a white soap, from my body cameoutgrayliquid.

I said: “Lordhelpme,pleasehelpme”. Theangelswerescrapingmybodyandthe first skin was taken off me. Blood was flowing out from my skin and I asked the Lord: “Whyareyoudoingthistome?”

The Lord said to me: “I'm cleaning you, you have to be clean, all your body, your soul and your spirit. Your spirit, soul, and body have to be clean says The Lord.”

Thesoapwaswashedoffmyskinwithverypreciouswater.Thentheangels anointed everypartofmybody,everypartofmybody.Allpartsofmybodywere anointed.

The Lord said to me: “Don't return back to your old ways my daughter, you are now my anointed saint said The Lord to me.”

I said: “Lord forgive me for all the things I used to do in the past even in your presence, forgive me Lord for whenever my Pastor tried to correct me, I was alwaysstriving with her, I said a lot of things I wasn't supposed to say to her.”

My Pastor always told me that my mode of dressing as a Christian wasn't right, I strove a lot with her, she once told me that I lied and Iwas grieved. Whenever one isgoing astray and your Pastor corrects you. You feel grieved with your Pastor. I wasalwaysagainstmyPastor.

Then I was taken to another apartment where I was received by three angels, the angels used a white cloth to wipe the water off my body. In the faces of the angels,Icould see they felt so much pity for me for all I went through but they didn't say anything, not even a word. I couldn’t see The Lord in these places; I could only hear Hisvoice.

Threeotherangelsreceivedmeinanotherapartment,theseangelsdressedme up with a white top and a white skirt, a very long skirt, my legs were totally covered.


I was taken to another place and a door was opened, I saw a greatlightshining through that door, a very beautiful light and The Lord asked me to pass through

thedoor,Isaid Lord: “I'mscared”.

IknewthatGodwaspreparingme becauseHewantsmetobesaved.Love neverwants any one to perish.Isaid: “Lordhavemercyonme”. Mysoulcould remembervery well all the things I left behind here on earth, my children, I said Lord: “Icommitmyfamilyintoyourhands.”

In that place I could see things like cities and a lot of people were there waiting for me, they were waving their hands to me, they wanted me to come to the place theywere.

The Lord said to me: “My Saint, the time has come, the hour has come, the time has come see all that are here waiting for you”, a lot of people were waiting for meandIasked the Lord: “Whatisgoingonhere?”

The Lord said to me: “It's time for you to go and preach to all people, it’s time for you to go and preach to all nations, it's time. All that I told you, go and tell my church because I'm going to perfect My church, I'm going to perfect my house then My word would be taken to the rest of the world says The Lord but first My church.”


The angels took me away from there and we were going down, I askedthe angels:“Whereareyoutakingmeto?”I was so scared and suddenly the earth wasopened.

I asked: “Whereareyoutakingme?Whatishappeningtome?” Wewentstraight into the earth, it was terrible, everywhere was so dark, and I couldn't understand wheretheangelsweretakingme.

We got to a place where I could see a very bright light, there was a door under theearth, the door was very horrible, there’s nothing here on earth to describe howhorriblethatdoorwas.

The Lord said to me: “This is the door of hell”.

I thought maybe I had been sentenced to hell for all I've done in the past; there wasaManintherewaitingforme.OurLordJesusChristiswonderful,OurLord Jesus ChriststretchedforthHishandstome,waitingforme at the door of hell, He had a key withHim, He opened the door of hell with the key and I saw many horribleanimalscoming out of hell.

I said Lord: “What is happening to me, please Lord have mercy on me.”

The Lord said to me: “I'm going to show you hell, all that is in hell, for you to be frightened and also for other people through you to understand that there is hell.” I said “Lord no I don't want to go there.”

The Lord said: “Daughter come with me, come” saidTheLordtome, “come.” Whenwegot there, some demons tried to lay their hands on me, I said “Lord I can'tseethisplease”,Itriedtocovermyfacewithmyhandsbuteverythingwas stillveryvisible to me. There, you see everything, hear everything and touch everything,thesame way like the other souls in hell. The Lord came in with me, the demonstriedtolaytheirhandsonmebuttheLorddidn'tpermitit.

I was going with The Lord; I saw how the souls in hell were suffering.


The Lord took me to a place, the people there were Christians, they served the Lord when they were on earth but at the same time doing things that didn't please God,theydiedandnowtheyarethereinhell.

TheLordshowedmeapastorthatwas abusing the word of God, this pastor was gay, he wasn't a child of God because the children of God don't do such things. In that same moment, I saw how demons were tormenting the pastor that abused

thewordofGod.Thedemonsplacedhimonatubeand the tube was turning him round and round. He was suffering a lot of torments, he was abusing little children, heabused his fellow men.

Just like you are listening to this testimony, perhaps this is what you practice, hell is realalsothereisapunishmentawaitingallthataredisobedienttothewordof God.

God created you a man, and God also created women; I saw how this man was being tormented in hell. His soul exploded and his remains re-formedbacktothe sametorment.

The Lord said tohim: “Sonyouhadalltheopportunityonearthtorepentand amend your ways.”

The Lord showed him a screen and on that screen you could see while he was on earth an elderly person telling him not to follow the wrong way, telling him to obey theword ofGod.

Every word that The Lord spoke to him through different means was all shown to himon the screen. He refused to repent and amend his ways and one day, he hadanaccidentanddied,heisinhellnow.Hepretendedtobeapastorbuthe wasn't.

TheLordturnedHisbackagainsthimandthemanstartedblaspheming.Thereis nolove in hell, there is absolutely nothing in hell, all you can find in hell is pain, sorrow,a terriblepainthatnoonecanresist.

WhileIwasthere,Ifeltlikedying, I said Lord: “Iwanttodie.”

The Lord said to me: “Daughter you are dead, experience what souls suffer in hell my daughter.”

I said: “Lord I can't take it anymore, my soul is burning, the heat is terrible, Lord I



The Lord took me to another place, I saw how demons were tormenting the soul of a woman in hell. This woman was a prostitute while she was on earth, she was

oncesaved,theLordbroughtheroutofprostitution,shefellback again and was

worsethan before. She was murdered here on earth and she is in hell now.

I saw how demons were tormenting her in hell. Instead of her getting married and having sex with only her husband; she decided to do it on the contrary. God hates all these acts; these are abominations in the presence of God. The woman was naked, she was placed flat and demons were tormenting her, I said: “Lordhave mercyonher.”

The Lord said: “Nooooo daughter, she had all the opportunity while on earth to repent.” The Lord showed her a screen and there you could see how different Evangelists went to tell her to surrender her life to Jesus but she never obeyed the voiceofGod,sheisinhellnow.

Thismessageistoallwomenofferingthemselvesformoney[prostitutes]maybe you’re doing that as a profession to cater for your children, maybe you don't have a husband.GodistellingyoutodaytoreturnbacktoHim.Godwillprovideforyou and your family. To all women prostituting themselves, I'm sayingthistoyou,repent todayand return back to God through this testimony. God has made this

testimonyforthesalvation of your soul so you won't go to that place of torment.


TheLordtook me to another place where the liars and the gossipers are in hell. I

sawhow they were being tormented in hell, it's very tough. It's very hard talking about hell.

Gossip can make you lose your salvation, talking about your neighbours can make youloseyoursalvation;talkingaboutyourPastorcanmakeyouloseyour


Repent today through this video and return back to God and God will return back toyousaysTheLord.

I asked: “Lord, this is as a result of gossip?”

The Lord said: “Yes just for gossiping.”

I asked: “Lordbutwedoaskformercywhenwesinagainstyou?”

The Lord said: “No these people didn't ask for mercy, and now they are paying for their sins.”

For this reason we have to reconcile with God everyday because nooneknows when he or she will die. Don't go out of the presence of God, gossip can make you loseyoursalvation.


The torment there was terrible. To all women serving Maria Lionsa, do you know whosheis?Sheisaprincipality;sheisademon.TheLordshowedmewhoMaria

Lionsais,sheisademon,manywitcheswereprostratingtoworshipherinhell, and thedemonstormentedthemterribly.

The flames in hell never go off. The flames burn day andnight, the flames in hell burnforever, please I want you to note this: idolaters cannot see the face of The Lord.

God wants to change your life, God wants you to stop worshiping and adoring images;GodwantsyoutoadoreHim.ThereisonlyoneGodbeside Him there is no otherGod.

The souls there are being obligated to worship her, even when they don't want to

adoreher,theyarebeingseriouslytormented,theyarebeingobligatedtosmoke cigarettesinhellwhentheyareworshipingher.

Satanis a liar, Satan has come to kill and destroy, but I must tell you this, Jesus Christhas come to give you life, and abundantly. God Almighty is calling you todaythrough this video. How I wish you could understand this message and the plansofGodforyou.Hellisreal.

I was in hell for good 16 hours for me to really understand the purpose of the message, so I can preach, so I can spread the message of salvation with all passiontoeveryone.

IsawBarbara.Herso-called Barbara in hell, I saw Shango. You who are worshiping and adoring Barbara, throw her out of your house, she is a principality saysThe Lord tome,sheisthedemonbehindprostitution.

Barbara has no love, she is full of destruction, there are lots of homes without peace,sheisthedemonbehindsuchhomes.Alsoyoumightbewonderingwhat's goingonin your life and perhaps you have her image in your house. How I wish

youcould understand this message and the plan of God for you, she was obligatingpeopletoworshipherinhell,thesoulsinhellburnforever,it'sterrible,

andthetormentthereisall flames.

IaskedtheLord: “Youdidn'tgivethesepeopletheopportunitytoamendtheir ways?”

The Lord said: “Yes, I sent my Saints to them.”

Right there in hell thescreen is been placed for them to see. The souls in hell have noexcuse to present to The Lord. The Lord shows to them all the opportunity they had while they were on earth.

If you don't repent and amend your ways today, you will see how death will surpriseyou and you will eventually end up in hell.


TheLordtookmetoanotherplace;itwaslikeabigclub.Iheardthesoulsthere shouting, crying for mercy and help. I asked: “Whatisgoingonhere?”

The Lord said: Take this message to all those drinking alcoholic drinks, to all those drinking alcohol day and night, to all those drinking into their body things that don't edify them, to all those using even their children's money for alcoholic drinks, take this message to all those women that drink alcohol, for them to amend their ways through this message.”

I saw there in hell a table was placed before them to drink, they were obligated to drinkagainsttheirwill.Theywereallinflames,alltheyweredrinkinginhellwas

acid andIsawhowtheirsoulsexploded.

I said: “Lord nooo I can't take this anymore please Lord.”

There is a man in hell, The Lord sent an Evangelist to him in a bar where he was drinkingwhilehewasstillon earth, the Evangelist told him to give his life to Our Lord JesusChristbecausetheEvangelistfelthewasgoingtodiesoon.Thisman insulted the Evangelist; he called her a mad woman, the same thing many other peoplearound the world are saying toChristians. That same day, this man came outofthebar drunk, he had an accident and now he is in hell.

He was being obligated to drink in hell, he tried to escape the torment but the demons would not let him, he is being tormented there in hell forever.


Cigarette smokers have their department in hell, all those smoking marijuana also havetheirdepartmentinhell,theyaretormentedforever.


Maybe you call yourself a Christian or whatever and you're still honoring or adoring orworshiping images, you have to repent today and give your life to Jesus Christ.

In hell, there are men and women. You can be very rich here on earth if you want, youaregoingtohellifyoudon'tsurrenderyourlifeto JesusChrist.Yourmoney cannot buy your salvation. Your salvation has been bought by Our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.

Another man was being obligated to drink and I asked The Lord who he was.

The Lord said: “That man, he was my saint, he left me and went his own ways and eventually died in sin.”

EverythingTheLordsaidaboutthatmanwasbeingshownonthescreen,the message,thedayandthetimetheLordsentthemessagetohim.Thatmanisin hellnow because of his disobedience.


Christ isreal.


These are women that served The Lord while they were on earth, but they didn't wanttochangeandacceptthedoctrinesofGodrathertheypreferredtoserve

God in their own pattern. The torment I saw in this place was worse than the one I


I felt very so much sorrow for these women of God in hell because they served The

Lord while they were on earth.

The Lord said to me: “I always spoke to them, I tried to correct them with some of my Saints but they didn't want to understand the purpose.”

The Lord showed me one of these women, she was sitting on a chair and the chair wasfullofflames of fire, suddenly a demon came pouring some liquid on her head.


I asked: “Lordwhyareyoucrying?”

The Lord said to me: “I suffered a lot for the souls that are in hell. She was my Saint, I corrected her not to love the world nor the things of the world.” TheLordwas correcting her to stop dyeing her hair.

The Lord said to me: “She was ashamed of the grey hair I gave her, she was trying to present herself in another form.”

My hair wasblackandIwanteditblack-blue. The Lord said to me: “Don't be ashamed of what I have given you.” The demons continued to torment her, she cried to The Lord for help. The Lord told her it was too late and she started blaspheming.


We cannot live in pretense, one day we will all have gray hair.Asthedemons were pouring the liquid upon her head, her neck fell sideways, her

hair was falling down, she stretched forth her hands trying to seek for help. I said Lord: I can'ttakethisanymore.”

I tried to cover my face because I was dyeing my hair also but I couldn't cover my face.

The Lord said to me: “Don't be ashamed of what I have given to you.”

She had very long hair, she was a very beautiful woman and she wantedtobe morebeautiful than the way she was but she committed a very terrible error. If Godhasgiven us grey hair, we have to accept it because it’s from God; this has tobefulfilled inourlives.

I said: “Lord I didn't know that dyeing hair is a sin.I said: “Lordhelpher,have mercyonher.”

The Lord sent a Pastor to this woman while she was still on earth; she was an Evangelistwhileshewasonearth.Thiswomanwaspreachingandteaching.Like some,whentheyarepreaching,theytrytopresentthemselvesfirsttothe congregationforthemtobeacceptedthewaytheyaresothattheycanpreach and teach what they want.

This woman never wanted to understand God's purpose, she eventually died and she is in hell now, this was a woman thatservedTheLord.

The Lord said: “Daughter I'm going to show you women that wear make-up on their faces.”

I said: “LordIusemake-up also, I apply powder on my face for me to look more beautiful, to cover up the dark sports on my face.”

TheLordsaid:“Thosethingsdonotpleaseme,I'monlypleasedwiththenatural look of My Saints, a woman is to please me and her husband so she doesn't need makeup to look beautiful to anyone Says The Lord to me.”

At that moment I saw a woman that was holdingamirrorinherhandsand demonswere obligating her to paint her face, she applied a liquid on her face andherfleshfelloffherface.

Perhaps you are listening to this message and you' re saying that make-up is not a sin,Iwilltellyouthisnow;whenGodspeaks,weallhavetoobey.Thatwoman disobeyed while she was on earth, she was using make-uphereonearthandnow she is in hell. She is in hell now, being obligated to paint her face day and night.

I saw other women too who were using make-uponearth.

The Lord said: “Those things don't please me, do you remember when I said he who loves the world is an enemy of God?”

We have to obey that verse of the Bible:

1 John 2:15 - Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Wewillallbejudgedwiththisword.Alltypesofmake-up you use here on earth, youwill use it there in hell too. I was using wet-lips to make my lips shine and call theattentionofothers.

I said: “Lordforgiveme,becauseIwasguiltyofthis.”

The Lord said: “I'm doing this because of the Love I have for your soul, to bring the fear of its gravity into you, for you to understand the gravity of the consequences so that you can tell the others to stop using make-up.”

The woman was in flamesandwhile she was still being obligated by the demons to keep paintingherface,herfaceandher lips fell down.

Women of God, Women of God don't look at your neighbour, look at your ownlife todayandasktheLord,say: “Lord, what are the things that I'm doing that don't please you?” ask The Lord and He will give you an answer, God does give answers.


The Lord said tome:“Now I'm going to show you where women that use jewelries are.”

There I saw a woman who was being obligated by demons to wear earrings on herears, a very big serpent came to her as she put the earrings on her ears and theserpentwrappeditselfaround her neck.

The Lord is totally against women that use jewelries. I said: “Lord but this is just an ordinaryjewelry.”

The Lord said: “My daughter those things don’t please me.”


The Lord took me to a place where I saw a woman who was crying, screaming in hell.

I asked: “Lordwhoisthatwoman?”and the Lord said: “I will show you who she is.” She was a woman I knew many years ago, since I gave my life to The Lord; I never preachedthemessageofsalvationtothiswoman.

The Lord said to me: “She is here in hell because of you. I wanted to save her soul through you but you never went to tell her about me.”Isaid: “Lord, have mercy on me!”

ThewomancrieduntoTheLord formercyandIsaid:“Lord have mercy on her.” This woman was the type of woman that was given to alcoholic drinks while she wasonearth.

The Lord showed her on the screen all the opportunities she had while on earth to surrender her life to Him but she refused. The day I was moved to speak to this woman, I didn't preach to her because she told me she was going to kill me if I should speak to her about The Lord. I was scared and there was no way I could preachtoher.



I saw a man who was being obligated to use drugs in hell, he was given something like a cigarette full of flames to smoke and I said: “Lordwhoisthisman?” and the Lord said to me: “Come and see who he is.”

I went closer to him to see who the man was and I was surprised to see my brother Esau in hell, I felt so much sorrow to see how my brother was suffering in hell, I said: “Lordhavemercyonmybrother.”

He stretched forth his hands full of flames asking for mercy from The Lord.

TheLordsaidtomybrother: “Son do you remember you gave your life to me while you were in prison and you asked me to bring you out of the prison that you would serve me all your life?

My brother said: “Lord I know I do remember, but please forgive me, just give me theopportunity to come out of this place.”

The Lord showed him a screen and we could see when he was in prison so many yearsago,TheLordshowed him the day and all the promises he made to serve TheLord.

The Lord brought him out of the prison so he could serve him and while he was out, he refused to fulfill his promises to serve The Lord and two years later he was assassinatedintheveryarmsofmymother.Mybrotherdiedinaveryterribleway becauseofhisdisobedience.

This is my brother that I'm talking to you about. My own brother in hell, it's terrible. I didn'twanttosaythistothepublicbutTheLordsaidImustsayit.Icried the more when I saw my brother in hell.


TheLordshowedmeawomanthatwasaPastorwhileshewasonearth;shewas sittingonachairfullofflames.Awig[artificialhair]wasbeingputonherheadin


The Lord said to me: “She was my saint sometime ago, she was a Pastor, she was a great woman of God, I used her mightily, but she disobeyed my word. I said Lord have mercy on her.”

Shestretched forth her hands to the Lord seeking for help. I know that story of this woman will cause an emotional breakdown.

She was a woman that served the Lord, she taught she had it all, she diverted the doctrinesofGod,sheexchangedTheLordforthethingsoftheworld,shewas doingthingsthatdidn'tpleaseGod;shealwayssaidvainwords.TheLordshowed herona screen all she did while she was on earth.

TheLordaskedher: “Daughter can you remember when I brought my word to you through my saint Elma?”

My sister Elma spoke with the woman while she was on earth and she insulted my sister, she refused to obey and the Lord said: “That was your opportunity for you to amend your ways and return back to me but you refused and this is your punishment. Can you remember when your daughter embraced you and said to you Mother come back you never listened.”

The Lord turned His back against her and the woman started blaspheming.

[Translator: God have mercy]


I asked: “Lordwhyareyoucrying?”

The Lord said: “You can't imagine how I feel seeing the souls that are here on earth.”


The Lord said to me: “I'm going to show you something my daughter, I hadn't shown this to anyone before. I want you to see this so you can understand that

satan is a liar, satan is an imitator.”

I said: “Lord please bring me out of this place, I can't take it anymore.”

The Lord showed me a throne in hell; Isaw the throne of satan in hell. satan is imitatingGodAlmighty in hell, I saw him sitting on his throne.satanisveryhorrible; hepretendstohavehierarchy.

I could see his angels around him but they are all demons. He was wearing a white robefullofstainsandverydirty.Isawtwenty-foureldersadoringsataninhell,they dropped their crowns and worshiped him. I could see they were all demons.

The throne of satan is full of imitation of the things in Heaven, everything was lookingsohorrible.

I asked: “Lordwhatisthis?”

At that same moment, satan called one of his demons and asked the demon to goand bring a particular person to hell. The demons do whatever the devil asks themto do.satanalwayssendshisdemonstotheearthfor destruction.


The Lord said: “I want you to know that satan is an imitator, I want you to know that

satan is real, satan wants to destroy the world.”

Right there I could see a demon in form of a satanic angel with very long nails holding a book on his hand. This demon was writing in the book the names of the people that would go to hell.

I asked: “Lordwhyaretheydoingthis?”

The Lord said: “Go and tell the world the people without Jesus Christ in their lives, satan has written down all their names in the book of hell.”

The Lord said to me: “Watch, this demon has been sent to the high way to cause accidents,” saidtheLordtome. “There are lots of accidents happening in different places, satan and his demons are responsible for all these things.”

I said: “Lord this is horrible.

The Lord said: “It's necessary that you see all these things so that you can be able to explain to the world what hell really is, for the world to know and believe that hell does exist.”


Then The Lord was taking me to another place, I said:“Takemeoutofthisplace, thisplace is horrible please.”

The Lord held my hand as we were still going and suddenly came a very horrible demon,averybig demon with long nails.

The demon grabbed my hair and flew away with me, at this moment I couldn't see TheLord.The Lord disappeared and left me alone. The demon dragged me to anotherplaceandotherdemonscamecommittingallsortsofdisasterswithme.

Avoicewasspeakingtomymindsaying:“You're going to spend your eternity here in hell and you will be tormented, and you will feel all the pains and sorrow that are here in hell.”

I said: “LordIcan'ttakethis,Ican'ttakethis.”

Andanother demon came to me with a very long mouth, he climbed on me, I tried to push him away but I couldn't. He forced his mouth into my mouth and my I could feel his saliva all over my mouth, I cried: “Lordwhyareyoupermittingthisto happento me?”

The Lord said: “It is necessary, it is necessary for you to talk to the people on earth about what hell really is, so they can understand the purpose.”

The Lord said: “I AM A HOLY GOD, there are a lot of people in the church, doing all sorts of immoral acts with their mouths.”

I asked: “Lord, how can I say all these things?”

The Lord said to me: “Say everything I have shown to you.”

The Lord showed me a screen and I could see a lot of immorality, there are a lot of peopleinthechurchtodaycommittingdifferentkindsofsecretsins.

I asked: “Lordwhatisthis?”

The Lord said: “Tell them to change, tell them that I AM HOLY GOD. Tell them that their mouth is for them to glorify me and not for immorality.”

I said: “Lord take this demon off mybody”,because the demon was sucking all my body,hissalivawasveryblackallovermybodyitwasterrible,thesmellofhellis

horrible worse than a decayed dead dog. The smell is beyond my description. I

said “Lordhelpme,Ican'ttakethisanymore.”

The Lord said to me: “Daughter calm down, it is very necessary for you to go through all these things”.Iasked:“Lordwhydidyouleavemealone?”

Anotherdemoncame,hetookmetoanotherplacewhereIsawsomeothersouls dancing,Iasked: “Lord, what is next for me to do now?”

Iwasplacedtodanceinflames,thereweresomethingsthere;obligatingmeto dance,Iasked, “Lord why is this happening to me?”

The Lord said: “Because you are a dancer, you dance at the sound of every

Christian music and every other music that pleases you.”

The Lord said to me: “Those things does not please me.”

I said: “Lord forgive me, I won't do it again.”

The Lord said: “Just like you, there are a lot of people like that among my people dancing like the people of the world, they move their waists like the worldly people. Those things don’t please me.”

I said: “Lord forgive me, have mercy on me”,becausemysoulwasburning,Iwas

inflames.Icantellyouhowterribleitistobeinhellbecausemysoulwasthere,I'm nottelling you lies, I'm telling you the truth, hell is real, I was there.

The demons brought me out of that place and took me to another place. There were a lot of worms in that place, the worms entered into different parts of my bodythrough my ears, my eyes.

I said: “Lord, please have mercy on me, I will do all you've asked me to do but please bring me out of this place.”

The Lord said: “This is very necessary, so everyone can understand that hell is real, lots of people says that hell does not exist, you go and tell them that hell do exist.”

Right there I remembered in the book of[Luke 16:19 - 31] talkingabouttheRich manandLazarus.Whenmybrotherstretchedforthhishandshesaid:“Lordsend thismessagetomyfamilysotheywon'tcometohell.”

The Lord said to me: “Remember the story of The rich man and Lazarus, when the rich man requested that Lazarus should be sent back to earth to tell his family that hell does exist.”

Iwastakenoutoftheplacewhere I was being tormented by worms.

The Lord said to me: “It's very necessary that you say all these things you've seen for souls to be saved, I'm doing all this for the love I have for humanity. I was going to lose you if I hadn't brought you here.”

The Lord said: “A lot of souls will be saved through the testimony.”

I said: “Lord please bring me out of hell, I can't be here.”

I went through a lot of torments in hell with flames all over my body, suddenly a brightlight came forth and the Lord appeared to me. I ran to the Lord and embraced Him.

I asked, “Lordwhydidyouleavemealone?Whydidyouleavemealone? Why???The Lord said: “Yes my daughter”.

The Lord said: “Daughter, it was necessary that you feel the pains that souls suffer here in hell so that you would be able to explain it to the rest of the world.”

Then the Lord took me out of there; The Lord showed me other things, which I cannotsay now. God will tell me when to say the other things I saw. Now I'm only goingtotellyouaboutthethingsthatTheLordaskedmetotalkabout.


The Lord said: “I will show you where I told my disciples, that I was going to

prepare a place for them, that where I am, there they will be; so that you can tell everyone that all these things are real.”

The Lord was taking me straight to Heaven, then I saw a very big door open. I said: “Lord, hell is horrible but this place [heaven]isbeautiful.”

The Lord said to me: “Daughter, I will show you Heaven”.

And I saw a place like a big city in Heaven; yes I call that place a big city because it's exactly what I saw. The Lord took me to a street in Heaven, the street of Heaven ismade of gold. It is real made up of gold. I saw beautiful flowers along the streets ofHeaven. Very beautiful flowers no flower here on earth to describe the flowers in Heaven.

TheLordtookmetoaplaceandHesaidtome: “I'm going to show you a river; I'm going to place you there.” Thereweresomestones in the river; the river is like a glass.

The stones in the river were shining, there were fishes inside the river also and The Lord broughtoutafishfromtheriveronHispalmsandthefishwashappy,playing onthepalms of The Lord.

Isaid Lord: “Put the fish back into the river, the fish is going to die.”

The Lord said: “No one dies here, death doesn't exist here, this place is full of life, everything here is life.”

I said: “Lord,therearealotofpeopletherebeingtormented,why didn't you give them the opportunity to amend their ways and come here to Heaven.”

The Lord said: “They are there as a result of their disobedience.”

The Lord took me like a little child from the place of the river to another place. That river is a verybeautifulriver.EverythingwaitingforusinHeavenallisbeautiful.

Then I made a petition unto The Lord, I asked the Lord: Wherearethesoulsyou saved? Where are they in Heaven?”

The Lord said: “I will show them to you.”

TheLordtookmeto a place and He showed me one of my Sisters in Christ who died,hernameisAuroraEsperanza.TheLordshowedmeanothersister;shewas thedaughter of one of my sisters, sister Grace. She was looking so young and beautiful.

The Lord said: “THESE ARE MY SAINTS.”

ShehassomuchpeaceinHeaven;theSaintsinHeavenarejustlikeAngels.Isaw youngSaintsinHeaven,theirclothesweredifferent,theplacetheLordshowed me isfull of beautiful flowers, a very beautiful place with a very sweet smell.


The Lord said to me: “Now I will show you where the garments of My Saints are.”

IaskedtheLord: “Are you going to show me my own garment?”

The Lord said: “I will show you the garments of My Saints.”

The Lord showed me some garments, white garments decorated with gold. The garments have golden belts and they are all with their names written on them. The Lord also showed me other garments. These garments are for some people that arestillin the world that haven't received Our Lord Jesus Christ yet.

The Lord said to me: “These are the garments of My Saints and these are the garments of some other people that are still in the world, they haven't received me yet.”

I said: “LordIwanttosee the crowns, I want you to show me the crown of my

Pastor,and my own crown, Lord I want to see my crown.”

The Lord said: “I will show them to you.” TheLordshowedmethecrowns,very beautiful crowns. I will tell you about the crown of my Pastor,IaskedtheLordto showme her crown because I wanted to bring my Pastor good tidings.

TheLordshowedmemycrown,mycrownwaswithoutstones,itwasn'tlikethe other crowns that impressed me so much like my Pastor’s.

IaskedtheLord: “Whyis mycrownwithoutstones?

The Lord said: “You can't understand all she has gone through to have this kind of crown with plenty of stones on it.”

Anangel was appointed to place the crowns and also put stones on the crowns, whenpeoplerepentandcometo Jesus Christ, when you win souls to the Kingdom of Heaven,theangelwouldputastoneonyourcrown.When you help the less privileged,theangelwilladdanotherstonetoyourcrown, When you help the widow,theangelwilladdanotherstonetoyour crown,When you help the poor and the homeless,theangelwilladdmorestonestoyourcrown.

The Lord was talking to me about my Pastor. He said that she has suffered a lot for the Kingdom sake; that my Pastor had gone through a lot to have that kind of crown. She has so much passion for souls.

The Lord said: “Tell her to hold tight what she has so that another person won’t take her crown.”

ItoldmyPastorallthatTheLordtoldme.ThenTheLordshowedmethecrownsof allHis Saints.

He showedmecrownsofpeoplethatareyettogivetheirlivestoHimbutareyet stillintheworld.


The Lord said: “Daughter I will show you something”. From a distance, I saw a very bigthrone,averypreciousthrone.The Lord said: “This is the throne of my Father.”

The Lord was sitting there; the brightness of the throne could not let me see much beyond, I saw some elders laying down their crowns and prostrating to worship The Lord. They don't stop worshipping the LordinHeaven.

I saw a lot of angels standing round the throne of God. The book of Revelation talksabout this place, Heaven is real. I saw Heaven because I was there.

The Lord said: “Daughter tell the world that Heaven is real, speak my daughter.”

Iasked: “Lord, do you think they will believe me?” The Lord said: “YES”.

I was talking with The Lord just like I would talk to my own brother or to my Pastor.

I saw lots of angels in Heaven and whenever the angels see the Lord, they take off theircrowns and prostrate themselves and worship the Lord. I was full of joy seeing

allthese things.

The Lord said: “Daughter, ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO ME, ALL THE GLORY IS MINE”, saidTheLordtome.

At this moment I could understand that God does not shareHisglorywithanyone. The angels were singing, worshipping The Lord all the time, they don't stop to worship The Lord. I saw how the church of good Pastors was worshipping The Lord. My sisterYasminewasdirectingthem.

The Lord said: “Tell the choir of the church of good pastors to worship Me and stop doing things that don't please Me. Tell them that whenever they are worshiping Me, the angels in Heaven worship along with them.”

Thismessageistoallworshipers,TheLordwants you all to worship Him more. “Tell them to worship me”: said The Lord.The angels were playing different instruments,worshipingTheLord.


The angels are very beautiful. When they were worshiping The Lord, I saw so much peaceinthem;theworshipwasfromtheirhearts.

The Lord took me to another place, I saw seven angels holding seven trumpets, and close to them were other seven angels with cups in their hands. Very tall and hugeangels, they were wearing very white garments, the garments were so white, and thewhitenessisbeyondmydescription.

I asked: “Lordwhoaretheseangels?” The Lord said: “These angels are waiting to be sent on earth, to destroy the earth”.

The angels are with the trumpets in their hands already, they are only waiting for theLordtoinstructthemtosoundthetrumpets.

I asked: “Lordwhyaretheyverytall?” The Lord said: “Because they are princes.”


The Lord said to me: “Don't be too curious, don't ask too many questions, only say the things I've shown to you, the things I have asked you to say. Tell them that there is only one Heaven and there is no other, tell them that I'm real, because a lot of people don't talk much about me, tell them God is up there waiting for them.”

The Lord said: “now I will show you what is happening among my people.” The

Lord showed me a place, that place was with a veil.

The Lord said: “See what is going on in my Church. In my Church there are a lot of things that don't please me, I will only present to my Father a Holy nation, my Church is not ready. Go tell them to prepare because the trumpet is about to sound.”


The Lord said: “Now I will show you where the Saints will dine with me.”

The Lord showed me a very big dining table, well decorated with a white cloth, golden cups, with chairs all over and all the seats have the names of the Saints written on them. I couldn't understand the names, I asked the Lord to show me my ownseat.

TheLordshowedmemyseatandhesaid: “Tell my church to prepare, tell my people that the table is prepared” saidTheLordtome.

I said: “Lord this is beautiful, I wanted to sit in one of the seats.The Lord said:

“Don't sit on it, it’s not yet time.”

Then I saw the angels going to and fro and one of them came spoke to The Lord directlyintoHisears,IaskedtheLord: “Whatdidhesay?”

The Lord said: “Don't be curious.” Thentheangelcamebackagainspokeintothe earsofOurLord.

The Lord said: “Daughter it's time, it's time for you to return back, tell my Church to prepare, tell them all I have shown you.”

I said Lord: “Nooooo, I don't want to go back.”The Lord said: “Yes you have to go and tell them everything you've seen, tell them that the table is already served, ready waiting for you, you have to prepare yourselves.”

As we were going, the Lord said: “My Church is like this, some are double minded, some are hypocrites, some are not ready, some don't adore me, some do things in my house because they are obligated to do them, some want to be seen and praised by their pastors.”



TheLordshowedmeachurch.Isaw a preacher who was preaching on the altar and suddenly his mobile phone rang.Thispreacherstoppedpreaching,hewent


The Lord said: “Can you see how they ignore my presence, see how they ignore my presence, when a man is preaching, he is preaching my word. They prefer to attend to a mobile phone than attending to me.”

The Lord said: “Talk, talk to the Pastors to forget about their own doctrine, they can hate you if they want, but a lot of people will understand the purpose why I brought you here and a lot of people will repent said The Lord.”

To you Pastor, people might hate you when you decide to do the will of God. It’s notimportant if they hate you, forget about your doctrine, follow up with the doctrinethat God has given you. Don't try to please anyone, don't compromise.

The Lord said: “I'm going to unite my Church together, I only have one Church, I have no other Church on earth but just one Church. This is the Church I will take to Heaven; this is the Church I will present to My Father.”

We The Evangelical Ministry are The Church Of God, those that have surrendered alltoJesusChrist.Thosethatdon'tsinanymore,allthathaveforsakentheirold waystodo the will of God, those that are born again. These are thepeoplethat willseethefaceofTheLord.

My testimony is coming to an end here, I've told you all that The Lord asked me to say; to the glory of God. All the glory, all the glory belongs to God.

I'm here by the mercy ofGod, just by the mercy of God telling you the things TheLord asked me to say. This message will go into your heart and change your lifesothatyoucanrepent.

Ask the Lord: “LordinwhatareaamIfailing?”The Lord will respond to you.

IwanttotellyouthatJesusChristlovesyou,JesusChristlovesyou,Hewantsto change and transform your life. Jesus Christ doesn't want you to go to hell but ratherHewantsyoutogotoHeaven,Heavenisreal,andhellisreal,repent nowandgiveyourlife to Jesus Christ. You can only have salvation in Jesus

Christ.JesusChristisknocking at the door of your heart through this message,seek

TheLordwithallyour heart and He will do great things with you.

The Lord said: “All these things I have shown you had been prophesied in The Bookof Ezekiel, The Book of Daniel and in The Book of Revelation. All these revelations are all there in the Bible.”

I pray this testimony will transform your life to the glory of God. AMEN.


b)Testimony Of A Former Devil Worshiper-Nonkoliso

Ngeleka-Religion – (2010)



IworkedinspacesincechildhoodandIclimbedtheladderallthetime.Thereare differentranksinspace,therearedevilworshipersinchurcheswhodonotknowthey

representthedevil,andtherearedevilworshiperswhocanleavetheirphysical bodiestogoaroundinthespiritualworld;Iwasinthissecondcategory.

IstartedhavingdreamsinmysleepwhereIwasfightinglikeinthemoviesand triumphedinthebattlesinanurbanarea.Thethirddaythatthisdreamwas repeated,IheardavoiceaskingmeifIwantedtofollowthatvoice.Isaid,Yesand hesaid,“Let’sgo”.Whenwewent,Iseparatedfrommybodyandademonstayed withmybodyandthenIwenttoworkinspace.WhenIgotthere,theygavemea codeandgavemeblood,becauseyouhavetoliveoffthebloodofpeopletolose allhumanfeelingandbehavelikeananimal.Therearenumbersthatrepresenteach grade,thenumberthreerepresentsthedevilworshipers,thenumbersixrepresents satanists.Asatanistissomeonewhoisdeadbeingadevilworshiperwhonowlivesin thespiritualrealmalone,thenumberninerepresentssatan,thekingofdemons, Luciferwascastoutofheavenbecauseofpride.

Iworkedinspace.Initiallyweweresenttocauseaccidentsontheroads,sothatthe demonsinspacehavebloodtodrink.Therearechiefswhogovernineachlocation, forexampleinNzimakwe;theyhavetheirchiefwhoisasatanist(I'vealready explainedabovewhoisclassifiedasasatanist).Whenheneededblood,wecaused anaccidentinthisarea.Whenwecausedthisaccident,wecameinthespiritand nobodycouldseeus.Andthenwewouldthrowaringbeforethedriverwhowould loseconcentrationandthecarwoulddothebarrels,peoplewoulddieandthechief wouldgettheblood.Butasnewrecruits,wedonotliveoffthatblood.Wewere

giventhisbloodoccasionally.Leadersspendmosttimeintherivers;theygointo spaceonlywhentherearerevivalmeetingsandothereventsoftheChurch.

satanlivesinthesea.We,youngrecruitslivedoffthebloodthatwesuckedon ordinarypeoplelivingonearth.Wewouldstandnexttoaperson,forexampleata busstoporelsewhere,andwewouldbegintosuckhisblood,especiallyifyouhave oneofourproducts.Thevictimthenfeelstiredandsomewhatdepressedandthey maythinktheyhaveatoughday,butitismainlybecauseadevilworshiperissucking theirbloodintheworldofdarkness,butthevictimdoesnotdie.Butifitwerea Christian,savedandlivingaholylife,wecouldnotsuckhisblood,ifwetriedtodoit, thespiritoftheChristianwouldintercedeforthatpersonandespeciallywithahymn andIwouldburn.SimilarlyifwecauseanaccidentwithaChristianamongthe passengers,wewouldnotbeabletodrinkthebloodofthepeoplewhodiedthere, becausethebloodoftheChristianwoulddamagethebloodinthatbloodbank,



Ifapersonisholy,thatpersondoesnotuseourproducts,thestringsareourproducts, itwasmydutytoutterincantationsandcursesonthoseobjects,earrings,necklaces, nailvarnish,hairextensionsinfiber,nomatterwhatkind,whetherbondingor

braiding,allobjectsingoldaresatanicproducts.Soifyouusethesethings,although youmaybesaved,ifwewanttoattackyou,weuseourcodeandifyouwere wearinganearringorifyouputitinyourdrawer,wewouldcomeandseethehouse

protectedbyawalloffireofGodandwewouldscanwithourcodeasitisdoneat thecheckoutinstores.Thisisbecausetheearringorhairextensionfiberthatyouown hasacode.AndIwouldcomeinanddoeverythingIwantedto do.Sometimes someonemightbeholyevenifhe’susingourproducts,butthedangeristhatyou cannotbeprotected.

Whenwecomeintoyourhouseandfindyouprotected,wecangouptoGod, becausesatancanaccusethebrethrenbeforeGod,andweasktogetourproduct, whetheranearring,hairextensionsinfiber,nailpolishoranyotherofourproductsin thehouse.Whenwecameintoyourhouseinthespirit,wewouldthendoeverything wewantedtodo.WetakeadvantageofthefactthatGodisboundbyHis faithfulnessandcannotsteal.WewouldaskHimhowHewouldcloseourproductin thehouseandprotectitwiththewalloffire.Thisiswhereliesthedangerofusing satanicproducts.Whenwearrive,wealsotakeawaybitbybityourholiness.Iwent andutteredcursesandincantationsonproducts,weusedtosaythatanyonewho usestheseproductswouldbelascivious,andifyouusetheseproducts,thecurse befallsyou.

Forexampleifitwasajewel,wewouldsaythattheusersbecomeLovePeddlersor fornicatorsandthattheybecomedisobedient,(Prostitutioninthespiritisnotlimited totheactofsellingyourbodyformoney,itcanalsodenotethebehaviorandthe

wayapersondresses),Iworkedalotwiththesethings.Andtherecameatimewhere IgotapromotionbecauseIhadworkedalotwiththesethingsandIhadgreat successandtheyaddedanotherdigittomycode,becauseIhadpassedtheclass


Iwaspromotedtotakecareofthechurch;whenIwasatthatgrade,Ivisitedmany well-knownPastors.WhenIwenttoeveryreligiousevent,especiallyrevivalmeetings,Iworethreeringsonmyarmandtworingsonmyfingers.Iwouldthrowthethree ringsofmyarminthemiddlethechurchandthetworingsofmyfingersbeforethe Pastor,oneontherightsideandanotherontheleftside.IfthePastorwasprayerful,thefirstringwouldrolltowardsthechurch,butthesecondwouldcomebacktomeandasIexplained,Iwasprayingontheringswhentheywerestillbeingmanufactured,Iutteredcursesonthem,promptinglust.Pastorwouldthenseeabeautifulgirlandifheeverhadimpurethoughtstowardsthatgirlhewouldlosehisholiness,becauseweallknowthattheHolySpiritdoesnotdwellinanunclean


ItalsohappenedthataPastorwouldbestrongandresistedus,weandourrings,in thiscaseweusedhiswife.Ifhiswifeusesanyofourproducts,thefiberwouldacton thematnightasitisonanyotheruser.ThePastor'swifewouldthenchangeher doctrine.Ifthejewelinthechurchwasnotallowed,shewouldthenchangeitand saythatthereisnothingwrongwiththejewelryandthePastorwouldalsoagreewith thatbecausetheyaremarriedandareoneinthespirit.Ididalotofspellsonpastors andhavereversedmanyofthem.WhenImanageto winthe Pastor,hechanges.A PastorwhooncepreachedthatChristiansshouldforsakesin,nowsaysthatagirlcan

haveaboyfriendandhewillsaythatayoungmancangetagirlfriend.Hewill changeandsaythatancestorworshipispermitted.

Letmeexplainsomething,thedeadarenotdemons,buttheycannotdoanythingin thisworldastheyawaittheirdayofjudgment.Wewouldgototheirgravesandput ourspiritstomakeyoubelievethatitisyourparentthatisacting,butitisactuallyus thatareacting.Wewoulddoitespeciallywhenwesawthatyouhaveagiftthat wouldbeto our detriment. Wewouldthen makeyouseeyourparentstellyouthat youmustbeamarabout,apsychicorasangoma.Whenyoustartwiththat,youare thenintroducedtosnakes,asnakerepresentsasatanistandsatanhimself.Fivestars representthedevilworshipers.Whenyouthinkthatyourancestorscommunicatewith you,thisisnottrue,it'sactuallyusthatcommunicatewithyou.Wewentintothe houseswherewewereattractedbytheincenseandwedrankthebloodthey sacrificedus.Wesleptintheirbedsandwehadfun.

Whensomeonewasabouttodie,Iwassenttoexaminewhetherthepersonwasholy.Ifhewasnotholy,IwrotehisnameinourbooksothatontheDayofJudgmenthegoestoburninhellwithus.WeknewthatwewouldburninHell,weweretoldthis. Sometimestheydemandedthatwefast40daysor60days,ifapastorwastopreach somewhere.Becausetherewasnothingwecouldseeonearth.Intheeventthatyou makelessthanfortydays,youwerepunishedforitbecausewehadtogetatthat placepowerful.

SoIwouldarrivefirstatthatplacetomakeincantationssothatthosewhocome theredonotlistenanddonotrepent,andthatthechiefofthisplaceisnotburned bytheprayers.Iwouldalsogointospacetoprotecthimsothattheprayersdonot burnhim.Becauseifhewasburned,youwouldseeadrunkardsavedandproclaim thatJesusisLord,aLovePeddlersavedandproclaimthatJesusisLord.Soifyousee suchthingshappening,knowthatthePastorwhoispreachinghasprayedandthat thechiefwashitbyfire,andthedemonhasmovedalittle,becausetheroleofthis demon,whoisalsoachief,istositontheresidentsofthatplaceandsurroundthem withevilspiritssotheyarenotsavedandthatthosewhodrink,drinkuntiltheydie; thatthosewhogotoprisondiethere,thosewhoworshipidolsanddotheworshipof

ancestorscontinuetodosountiltheydie,thosewhoareLovePeddlerscontinuetheir prostitutionuntiltheydie.

IwasnotworkingintheSouthCoast,becauseIcomefromthere.Iworkedinplaces suchasDurbanandelsewhere.WhenIwasinspace,theydidnotcallmebymy name,theycalledmebymycode.Theycalledmebymycodetotellmefor examplethatImusthurryandgotoSwazilandor Durban.Asthe companythere had finishedmakingearrings,Ihadtogoandmakeincantationsoverthembeforethey aresentintheshops.Itwasmydutytomakeincantationsonthem.

Anotheryear,IwassenttoNtuzuma.Therewasapastorthere;Iwillnotmentionhis name.Iwassentto removehisholiness.Thispastorwasatrue manof God,saved andhistestimonywasimpressive.WhenIremovedhisholiness,Igotapromotion.I

becameagraded,andtherefore,IwasresponsibleforsettingtrapsintheChurch. ThereisnotonethingthatIdidn’tdoatthattime.

InspaceweusetheBible.Wewerenotworkingwiththingsthatarenotwritteninthe Bible.AstheBiblesaysthatawomanshouldcoverherheadinthechurch,we changedthatandinfluencedwomennottocovertheirheads.Andwhenwomen donotcovertheirheads,wewouldaccusethembeforeGodandaskHimhowHe couldregardthemasHischildrenwhentheydonotcovertheirheadsinchurch.We

changedwhatwaswrittenintheBibleforexamplethefactthatawomanshouldnot wearaman'scloth.That'swhyweutteredcursesonpants/trousersthatwomenwear. Wemadeincantationsonthemandinfluencedwomentowearthemmoreoftenso thattheydonotseetheLordbecauseoftheirdisobedience.

IworkedalotwhenIwasgraded.Iwasn’tdealingwiththeaffairsoftheChurch anymore,Iwenttherejusttomakeworshipersofsatanandcontinuemyjourney. Theseworshipersofsatandidnotknowtheywereworshipersofsatanbecausewe wouldnotseparatethemfromtheirbodiesasIusedtoseparatefrommybody.But wewouldusethemiftheyhadanyofourproductsIlisted.Thentheybeganto gossip,toslander,toalwayscomplainandsaythatpastorsarerunningaftermoney orsomethinglikethat.Peopleevenstoppedgoingtochurchbecauseofthese worshipersofsatan.ThenIwouldletthemdotheirjobandwouldgotoother churchestogetthereportsandcomebacklatertoseethedamagetheyhave causedinthechurch.Thispersonweturnedintoasatanworshiperbeginstochange hisdoctrinebysayingthatthereisnoproblemwhenwomenwearpants/trousers,

thatfaithisintheheartandnotinthepants/trousers.Atthisstage,theyworkedforus unconsciouslybecausetheyrepresentedus.Forthetruthisclear,thewomanshould notwearpants/trousers.

Sowhentheystartsayingthatitispermissibleforawomantowearpants/trousers, andthatpeoplewithearringsmaycomeandworshipinaholyplace,andcaneven dothingsinthechurch,andthattheygraduallylearntopartwiththesethings,when aPastorsaysthatpeoplewhohaveboyfriendsandgirlfriendscancomeandlead worshiporprayforpeople,thenthatpastorisours,heisworkingforus.Letmetellyou thatwhentheysaythattheywillstopsinning,wewillcomeandexertaninfluenceon themtonevergiveupsin,andthattheycontinuetosin.Wetriedtominimizethe magnitudeofsin.Ifforexampleasisterhasaboyfriend,Iwouldthenpushher boyfriendtotellherthathewantstomarryher.Notbecausehe’sabouttodoit,but onlybecausewewantedtomakesurethatthesistercontinuestosinandminimizes themagnitudeofthissinuntilthereturnoftheLordJesusChrist.

WhenIwasinspace,wehadabigTVscreen;wecouldseeallthatwashappening onearth.WewerecountingdownandknewthatJesuscouldreturnatanytime.And allweweresenttodo;wediditsuchasHIV.Thedoctorscannotcurethisdisease becausetheyarehuman,butIamnowawitnesstothefactthatHIVwascreatedin spacesothattheyouthdieyounganddonotreachthesalvationoftheLordJesus. Satanwantstohavethemaximumofpeoplewhowillburninhellwithhim;he

continueshisconquestofsouls,whichcosthimhisexpulsionfromParadise.Sowe createdHIVandwethenspreaditontheearth.Butwecannotremedythissituation, letitbecancerorTB,doctorswillneverfindacurebecauseJesusistheonlyonewho canovercomeandhealsomethingthathasbeenwovenintheworldof darkness.A humancannotcure.JesusChristofNazarethcancurethisdisease.Wecanprayfor someone,andifhebelieveshecanbecured.Thediseasebowsbecauseinthe nameofJesus,everythingbows,weourselvesbowedwhensomeonementionedthe nameofJesus,sothediseaseitselfbows.

WhenIgraduated,Iwasalsosenttocauseplanecrashes,planesthatweregoing towardsAustralia,Europeorelsewhere.Whenthere'saplanecrash,it'snotthefault ofthepilot,weweretheoriginofalltheairplanecrashesthatIknow;wewereona

missionandwecouldnotdoanythingagainstthat.Wewereslaves,weworkedeven whenwedidnotwantandweweretoldthatwewouldrestonlyafterJesushas come.Sointhemeantime,wehavetokillsothatsatanandthechiefsgettheblood andnewrecruitswhohadnotyetstartedworking.Wealsoworkedwithgovernment leaders,Presidents;Iwillnotmentionthenameofthepresidentthatwecaught.Heis notaworshiperofSatan,butweworkedonhimeveryday.Hesetupourlaws, legalizedprostitution,abortion,andheevensaidthatchildrenshouldnotbe punished.Itwasourplanthatheacceptedunconsciouslybecausewecouldsee

thatJesusisabouttoreturn.Weusedtomakeincantationsoverthemeverydayso thatthenationbedamned.

WeworkedalotinSouthAfrica,asevidencedbyabortionsandotherabominations, sothatpeoplearemoreinterestedindemocracybutdonotknowthatJesusisatthe doorreadytoreturn.JesusmustwinmoresoulstoHimself;timeisalmostatitsend.An abortedchildwasraisedbyusinspaceexceptforchildrenwhoalreadyhadno chancetolive,andthosederivedfrommiscarriages.Weraisethemandusethemto destroymarriages,coupleswillfightforthingsofnothing,anddivorces,separations andotherswillfollow.Theseabortedchildrendealwiththesecases.Victimswill sometimesseeasnakeintheiryardortheirhouse,itisactuallythisbaby.Theywill

alsocausefightsinthefamily,theycancreaterivalriesamongthebrotherstothe pointwheredeathfollows.

InthelastplanecrashthatIcausedthatwasheadingtoEurope,therewasachildof Godwholivedalifeofholiness.Therefore,thebloodthatflowedwasdamaged becausethebloodofaChristiandamagesthebloodweneed,andifwedrinkthis blood,wewillbecomeweakandunabletooperate.ItwasthelasttimeIcauseda planecrash.IcausedseveralcrashesinthepastandIhavedoneallthesethingsfor satanthere.Andafter,Iwascollectingthereports,andperformeddifficultmissions,in myowngrade.IwasalsoresponsibleformakingthetoughestPastorsfall.

Let meget backonproducts.Lacosteisnot oneof our products,butwhenyouwear one,youarerepresentingasatanist,becausethecrocodileisoneoftheanimalswe workwith.WhenIwantedtodosomething,Itransformedmyselfintoalizard.

Fivestarsrepresentusasworshipersofsatan.Liketheyouthofthechurchis recognisedasthestarsofheavenandthelightoftheworld,wealso,were representedbystars.Soifyouwearsomethingwithastar,satanwillgotoheavento reportthisandsaythatthispersoniswalkingaroundonearthandrepresentsme, andthatthepersonloveshimmorethanhelovesGod.Allthestars,Lacosteand

anythingthathastwofeet,whetheraT-shirtortrousers,arethingsthatdishonorJesus whoiscomingbacksoon.Soifyouhaveitonyou,youaresayingthatJesusisweak.I nolongerneedtoexplainthatadragonrepresentssatan.Ifyouwearsomethingwith adragononit,yourepresentsatanandsatanwillgobeforeGod,beforehimlaugh andsayheismorepowerfulthanhimbecausepeoplewalkallovertheearth representinghim.

Regardingthecaseofcodes,barcodesrepresentsatanists.Asyoucansee, everythingyoubuyhasabarcode.Weuttered cursesonfoods,thisiswhyChristians mustgetusedtofasting.Allbarcodeshave3,6and9whichrepresenttheworldof darkness.Iftheydonothave3,theywillhave6,iftheydonothave6,theywillhave

9.Allthesefiguresaresatanicfigures.Beforefoodsareplacedontheshelvesof stores,weutteredincantationsoverthem.

Ifyou'reChristianandyouareusingtraditionalmedicine,potionsandthings preparedbythesorcerers,then youarenot holy.WewouldaccuseyoubeforeGod andsaythatyouworshipcreaturesinsteadofworshipingtheCreator.Godsaidthat wehavethepoweroverplantsandtrees.Thesethingsshouldnotbeourhope,Jesus mustbeouronlyhope,andifyouputyourtrustinthispotionandnotinJesus,you

aresinning.Thesepotionshaveevilspiritswhichareconferredeitherbyusorby sorcerers.Weimmediatelywriteyournameinourbook,becauseyoubelongtous.

Beloved,ifyou'renotbornagainandsaved,youwillburninhell,Iguaranteeyou. WhenIwasanewrecruit,Ididnotknowweweregoingtoburninhell,butlaterI foundout.Wearelivingthelastdaysandthosedaysareevenbonusesbecauseof the graceof God.Weworkedhard.Theonlythingthatwasleftwastheintroduction ofthenumber666whichwillhappeninthecomingdays.Becausethereweremany satanworshipersinthechurchesandbecausemanyofoursecretswererevealed, wechangedourstrategy.Therewillberathermorenumberstobetreatedassecret numbersthatthegovernmentwillimplement.Ifyouhavethisnumberonthebackof thehandoronyourforehead,youwillnotgotoheaven,youwillbeasaworshiperof satanandyourbloodwillbefullofsataniccodes.Thisrecordingwasinprogress

whenIleft.Itcanhappenatanytime,justastheChurchcanberemovedatany timeevenaswespeak.Butwealldonotknowwhen;theLordkeptthisasasecretto everyone.

Whenwemadetheawakenedpastorstofall,wetransformedthemintoouragents withoutthemrealizingit.Theybecameworshipersofsatan,buttheydidnotseparate from their bodies.Weputour spiritsinthem.

Whenpeoplecametogivetheirofferings,inspirit,wewouldmakeincantationsover theofferings.Thecursewasnotactingonbelieversbutonthechurch.Thereisan offeringcalledtithing,itisreallyimportantfortheChristian.Thisisthetenthofyour income.Weusedtostoppeoplefromgivingtheirtithes.Weremindedthemofthings theystillhavetobuyorpay.ThenwewouldaccusethembeforeGod,sayingtoGod thatthispersonhasstolenhismoney,wesaidtoGodthattheneedsofthisbeliever aremoreimportantthanHim.satancalledhimathiefbecausehehadstolenGod's moneyandhadnotpaidinfull.

IadviseyouthatnomatterwhatyouowetoGod,youmustpay,itisonlyatenthof yourincome.Tithesprotectyouagainstaccidentsandhelpyoustayholy.Itisreally importantthatyoupayyourtithesfirst beforemeetingyourneeds.Youcannotskipa monthandsaythatyouwillpaydoublenextmonth.Themonththatyouskipped representsacurseandwillneverchangeintoablessingevenifyoupaydoublenext month.Ifyourecall,GodsacrificedhisonlySon,thatwasnoteasy,butHediditso thatweescapehell.YoualsohavetogivetoHiswork.

Whensomeonewasabouttodie,wewouldvisithim.Therearepeoplewhothink theywillconfesstheirsinsandrepentwhentheyaresickandabouttodie.We enteredinhimandmadehimdumbsothatheisnotabletoconfesshissins.You cannotconfessyoursinsinyourheart;youneedyourmouthtodoit,justasyou wouldtobecomeachildofGod.YoumustconfesstheLordshipofJesuswithyour

mouth.Whenapersondieswithunconfessedsins,wewritehisnameinourbook,and hewillburnwithus.It’sthepeoplewhodiedwiththeirsinsthatweusedtoappearto theirrelatives.Weusedtheirbonesintheirgravestodisguiseourselvesandappearas ifthedeadrelativetoldthemtodoallsortsofthings,andthevictimwoulddothese thingsthinkingthatheishonoringthedeadrelative,butitisinfactusthathehonors. Weevenputmoneyinthegardenandwouldappeartoyouasyourdeadparent andwouldtellyouthatthereismoneyinthegarden,sothatpeoplebelievethatthe



Ifyouwereabelieverwewouldalsovisityou;therearebelieverswhofallintheirlast minuteonearth;wemadethemfall.Atthelastminutetheywantedananimaltobe sacrificedinhonoroftheirancestors.Wewouldwriteimmediatelythenameofthat personinourbookbecausehedieddefiledbytheworshipofancestors.We watchedeachpersonbeforehediedandothersfell.Ifyoudieinholiness,wecould

notuseyourbonestotrickyourparentswhoarealive.Thosearetheoneswhowillbe resurrectedwhenChristreturns.

Astimepassed,therewasananointedPastornamedChilizaofMandawe.Istarted tofollowhimbeforeIwasevengraded.WhenIwasgradedIwasassignedtolook after himbecausehewasatenaciousadversary.Hepraysfor peoplewithHIVand theyreceivehealing,andhecouldalsoprayforapersoninawheelchairandthis personwouldwalkagain.Westartedtellingpeoplethatheisasatanistanduses witchcrafttodothesemiraclesandpeoplebelievedus.IwasgoingtogetaNissan

NavarraifImanagedtobringdownthismanofGod.Ifhefell,hewouldnotstop preaching,wewouldneverdiscourageafallenpastortopreach,buthewouldbe usedbyourspiritstopromotecompromiseandsoon.AllnewChristiansinthischurch wouldbeinatrap,becausehewouldbegintopreachhalf-truthsandeverythingwe inspirehimtopreach.

WhenIcameineverychurch,Isatatthebackandwatchedwhatwashappening.I studiedhislife,becausewhenIwantedtobringdownaPastor,Istudiedhislifefirst.I lookedforhisweaknessesatworkorathome.OnceheheldarevivalmeetinginSea View,Iwasstillstudyinghim.HehadgonearoundevangelizingandIfollowed.In

2008,hehadarevivalmeetingatFuscadale.ThisiswhereIstudiedhimwelland therewasawalloffirearoundhim.IfyouareachildofGodbornagainandfast regularly,youarealwaysprotectedbyawallof fire aroundyou.Iwentbehindhim andwenthome.

PastorChilizahadorganisedarevivalmeetingatKhushwiniandIwasforcedtoput onmyfalsebody,becausethemeetingwasnearmyhouse.Mycodewasinmy blood.IwentwithmyfriendSlindile.Sheisnotadevilworshiperandshedidn’tknowI wasadevilworshiper.Shewasinfestedwiththespiritsofwitchcraftandwewere goodfriends.Iwasahairdresserandwehadlonghairextensions.Iusedtobraidmy hairandshehadthesamehairstyle.TakemywarningseriouslywhenItellyouthatthehairextensionfiberisdangerous.

Whenwearrived,wecamebeforethemanofGod.Wedrovewithotherbrothers whodidnotknowIwasadevilworshipper;myfrienddidnotknoweither.Shewas tooinsolentanddisobedientathome,itwasbecauseshewasmyfriendandIhada badinfluenceonher.WesatatthebackandthemanofGodcameinwithhiswife. Whenheentered,hesaidthatthereisanevilspiritintheroom,heisalsoaprophet. Myfriendjumpedandfellandwantedtorunaway.

Ilovedmyfriendandwewerearrogant,peoplewhowereinthecarinwhichwe came;couldtestifyhowwewereinsolent.Itookmyfriendtothealtartobeprayed forbecauseIdidnotwantanyonetotouchherbecauseweweretooproud.Iwas convincedofonethingthatIwasagradedandcouldneverbecaughtbecauseI hadaveryhighgradeandcouldevenprotectthechiefwhoisasatanist;offirethat camefromprayersandmycodewasinme.

Onthisparticularday,PastorChilizaaskedwhoaccompaniedtheladywhofell;this wasbeforehebegantopreach.Iansweredandtoldhimitwasme.Hecontinuedto preachandherepeatedhisquestionandIcouldnotopenmymouth,theHolySpirit inhimhadmasteredme.Icouldnotevenliftmyfoot.HeaskedagainandIcould

notanswer.Hethenturnedandsaidtothechurch"lookatthat."He yelled,“FIRE, Jesusisaconsumingfire”,whenhesaidthisinthe spiritIcouldseethefirecomingout ofhiseyes,hismouthandhands.IfellandthedemonstookmeoutofmybodyandI immediatelywentintospaceandthedemonthattookcareofmybodystayed


Whenademonistormentedbecauseoffire,itrespondstoanyquestion.Most pastorsdonotrealizethatifyoudonotburnthecodeofsomeone'sbody,he remainsadevilworshipperevenafterdeliverance.Fortunatelyheknewandasked thecodetothedemonandheburneditwiththefireofGod.Assoonasthecode wasburned,thedemonsinspacehadnochoicebuttoletmego.Thedemonthat wasinmereturnedtospace.Iftheydidnotburnthecodeinmyhand,thedemons wouldbeabletocallmebackbecauseIwasnotcalledbymyname;Iwascalled bymycode.ThelastfigurethatIreceivedwithmypromotioncameoutwithblood. Aftertheyprayedforme,Iregainedmysenses,IdecidedtobesavedandIwill

testifyinthewholeworld.ItrustinGodbecauseIhaveseenHispower.IknowthatHe is morepowerfulthansatan.

BeforeIforget,aftertherapture,itwillnotbetheendoftheworld.Therewillbea churchwhereeveryonewillbeforcedtogo.Iwillnotsaythenameofthischurch anditisalreadyactiveatthemomentthatwe’respeaking.Peoplewhowon’tbe takentoheavenwithJesuswillbeforcedtogotothischurchtoworshiptheAnti- Christ,thischurchexiststoday.Whensomeonewantstogotoheaventhen,hewill behorriblymurderedtogettoheavenandhisfamilywillbemolestedinfrontofhim andthepolicewillbemerciless.WhatIcantelleveryoneisthatheshouldsave himselfwhilethereisstilltime.Therewillcomeatimewhenpeoplewillhavetobe killedtogettoheaven.SoIadvisepeopletosavethemselvesnowbeforethis dreadfultimecomes.AcceptJesusasHisgraceisstillavailable.

IamachildofGodbornagain,forgivenofallmysins.Iwillcontinuetotestifyand anyonewhowantsmetotestifyinhischurchiswelcome.SomewillnotbelievethatI amdeliveredandothersarestillafraidofme,thinkingthatIwillsucktheirblood.My JesusisfaithfulthoughIwalkthroughthevalleyoftheshadowofdeath,Ifear nothing.GodblessyouallandknowthatJesusiscomingverysoontotakeHis church.Godisfaithful,donotgiveup.Bewareoffalseprophets.Abideintheloveof Jesus.Iloveyouverymuch.Iwouldliketothankthosewhointercededformeand thosewhoneverdoubtedme,butwelcomedmeandhelpedmeandprayedwith me.IwouldalsoliketothankthemanofGod,PastorChiliza.Godblessyou.


I see all things saith the Lord of Host. The world and its leaders are misleading. They plan and programme as if nothing spectacular is about to happen in the earth. The people

are blind and knoweth not. All they think about is a future that will never be. The plans

and thoughts of mankind for the future are childhood fantasies which will never be. The world will soon experience the wrath of GOD ALMIGHTY for its rebellion towards its GOD

and SAVIOUR. The evil being done on earth has defiled the world and the inhabitants thereof.

The world! The world! The world will soon be destroyed. For I, GOD will soon be taken out of the way with the BRIDE of CHRIST, for the antichrist and his fallen angels to take out the earth. Then there would be a darkness coming upon the earth that mankind has never experienced. For the antichrist is already here, the beast as mankind knows him. I, GOD warn all My children to be both vigilant and serious about the way they play with the enemy.

The antichrist is the man Barack Hussein Obama. This man will divide My HOLY LAND. Soon he will claim to be God after I have left with the bride of Christ. Son your GOD warns you before it is too late to escape the trap of the enemy, the antichrist who will soon mock the FATHER GOD OF THE UNIVERSE AND LORD JESUS publicly. He will do that immediately he is given a second term of office in the United States of America. All who are there that day and listen and do not weep and ask for forgiveness, but applaud him will be given the due punishment in hell unless they repent.

My sons and beloved ones, this man has the eternal seal of doom and torture in the lake of fire. Anyone who takes his chip or mark, the name or the mark of the number of his name which accounts to six hundred and sixty six will have endless torture day and night with brimstone and fire in the lake of fire. Sons and daughters I have warned you of this, do not say that you were not warned. For I, GOD will make sure that many people will be forewarned before the worst sets in on earth when this man comes on stage.

Soon the whole world will go dark. For the light of the world would be taken away. I, GOD the HOLY SPIRIT will soon be taken into the Most Glorious Realm of the Highest Heaven. The realm of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY by GOD THE FATHER.

The gates are closing in. The time of Grace is about to cease. The mighty gates of

Heaven are soon to be closed by the Father. There is little more grace of GOD THE FATHER for all mankind through the blood of JESUS to enter the holiest of all. Son it’s not too late to come if you want to come. But you must deny yourself and carry the cross of Christ

which the pastors do not want to carry, for they want it easy with God.

I tell you the truth for all who come to GOD must be baptized with My fire and Spirit without which none will be given an entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. I say to all, repent. Let all the ungodly repent for the wrath of God comes upon the world. Surrender your life fully to God and cleanse your minds, hearts, soul, body and spirit with the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.



Come to Me says your LORD JESUS. I love you son and want to save you from what is coming. The sorrows would be great, very great says your GOD. Few, few and very few

would be saved during the tribulation. That is why I GOD calls you to come and prepare

to leave with Me for the escape route I have prepared for you My people. I JESUS come to rapture My CHURCH the GLORIOUS BRIDE. Be among the church in order to make it to

HEAVEN. For there are many ways the sons of men know, but they all lead to hell.

I, JESUS, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME. Do not be deceived children for neither buddha, hindu, krishna, prophet mohammed, olumba olumba obu, kofi manu, zoarester, queen of heaven and any other man, demon, gods and the self acclaimed archangels can show you the way. I, JESUS AM THE ONLY WAY. There is no other. Any other way which claims to lead to HEAVEN

AND GOD other than I, JESUS is both a pit and a tunnel which leads to hell.


I tell you the truth, no one saves aside ME. For neither the pope nor your priest, Mary nor any other saint can save you other than I, JESUS. Anyone who claims to know ME and does not have My HOLY SPIRIT is both a liar and a deceiver.

Children do not accept into your house anyone who does not come in MY name JESUS CHRIST for he is both a deceiver and an antichrist. Children there are many ways, but there is only one way. I AM THAT WAY SAYS JESUS CHRIST. Come to ME all ye sons of men and I will embrace you and take you to MY KINGDOM, MY HOLY CITY, THE NEW JERUSALEM.

Surrender all whole being to ME. THIS IS LORD JESUS.



I, GOD AM a Holy GOD. My ways are perfect. My light is incomprehensible. I AM is the

ONE WHO is speaking to you son. I, GOD have given you many warnings which you have not considered, neither have you given a thought to My warnings. Son why do you still

reject your GOD? The ONE WHO created you. Your rejections makes me sad and grieved

anytime you follow the whims of my enemy. My children, the time is too short to give in to the enemy. The enemy does not give a chance for you to come to your GOD before He

kills you. The tiniest sin you commit then the enemy kills you for you not to make it back

to Me.

Children the enemy is killing masses and taking them to hell daily. This is what he does always and has been doing, since time past. His greatest plan is for you MY son who has been washed with the BLOOD OF THE LAMB to sin. Then he comes in immediately to take your life and send you to hell. My sons and daughters do not and never give in to the enemy, the cruel enemy, the enemy of mankind for he will destroy you.

His major goal is for you to spend endless torment and torture. For you to be in the Lake

of Fire for all eternity. Time without end son, the enemy is around waiting for the rapture of the church. For him to give his mark, the RFID to the sons of men.

Son the enemy is doing this for you to tie your soul with him and share equally the punishment I, GOD THE FATHER is giving him and all his fallen angels. Know for the truth that anyone who takes the mark of the beast, the dragon and the false prophet has nothing to do with GOD. Woe, woe and woe to whoever takes the RFID.

The RFID is the mark of the beast who is the Antichrist and is now on earth living among you.

This is the reason I, your GOD and SAVIOUR, THE ETERNAL GOD is warning you. For all who take the RFID both now and when the tribulation begins after I, GOD THE FATHER HAS TAKEN MY GLORIOUS ONES AWAY in the tribulation and before the tribulation ends will be cast into the LAKE OF FIRE. Where the smoke rises up forever and ever. Most people live normal lives not thinking about eternal destinies. They do not know that the enemy can take away the life every moment and their chance to make it back to their GOD will be too late. There are many in hell who are suffering horrible torments. Some never heard

My GOSPEL and are there. Others liked a double life after hearing MY SALVATION MESSAGE. These too My children are also in hell. I, GOD give many the chance to repent,

but they would not give an ear to My word. They are now also suffering bitterly in the kingdom of the enemy. The people in hell always plead for mercy. This is what I tell them when they plead; “It is too late”. These are my warnings to you My children. Be always


FATHER I AM HOLY. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING AND FAST. This is how you can be prepared for the arrival of your KING AND GOD.


f) PROPHECY “The LORD says" by Maurice Sklar-DEC. 1


The American dollar is about to lose 30% more of its’ present value. This will be the second drop since the previous 2008 drop of 20%. The dollar will then be worth half of what it was before September 2008. This drop will cause great economic distress upon our nation. The church will be shaken and many will wake up spiritually and cry out to ME. There will be also looting, rioting, and terrorism in our land.

There is an even greater financial disaster that is falling upon Europe that will collapse the Euro, cause panic and chaos there. Germany will refuse to prop up the euro any more. Basic needs in the poorer European nations will be threatened. Many will lose their

money overnight as the stage is set for the financial takeover of the Antichrist system. This

is imminent, and the dollar will also follow, although it will survive for a season more. The great revival will also begin. God has hidden His Holy Apostles and Prophets for this present hour. There will be great outpourings of supernatural provision, miracles, and healing in various places. These areas will become cities of refuge and places of refuge for God’s people.

There is coming an all out war in the Middle East as the neighboring Arab nations will come against Israel with a sudden missile attack starting from the north with Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria. Other Arab nations will join. Israel will be hit from all sides at once and there will be deaths and partial destruction of settlements, smaller cities to the north, and some damage to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well. Israel will respond with great force, and limited nuclear weapons will release devastation upon the neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon, Damascus, which will be destroyed completely, and the rest of Syria as well as military strikes into Iran, Gaza, and even northern Egypt/Sinai region.

The resulting shaking of the West will then release a tremendous movement of Jews making aliyah back to Israel. There will no longer be security or stability as it has been up

to now in America and Europe. Israel will emerge victorious from this war, but hurt.

However, the devastation inflicted upon the attackers will be one hundred times worse. The spoils of this war will include much territory and will force the west to recognize the Holy God of Israel. It will emerge as the only stable country in the region. Many, even millions of Arabs will be killed. Islam will receive a mortal wounding by the Holy God of Israel.

I am taking Billy Graham home to heaven soon. When you see this, know that My time of grace for the Gentile nations is coming to a close.”

Prepare your hearts, the LORD is at the door to appear for His Bride, the overcoming church in this midnight hour...

Pray for those that are trapped in darkness that God will reach them in time. In our Messiah,

Maurice Sklar



On 24th November 2011, in the afternoon after I had come home from school, I found myself taken to hell by the LORD to be shown various things. This is not the first time I have been taken to hell, I have had other encounters, and however this particular visit is differentas it has many warnings to people who are still on earth. It is my prayer that all whoreadorlistentothistestimonywouldtakeitseriousandmakesuretheyavoidhellat allcostand alignthemselvesundertheLordshipoftheLordJesusChristandpreparefor HisComing.


Isawfourpastorsinhell,whoweretherebecausetheydidnotpaytheirtithes.Onewas calledAlbert and another was Daniel, a pastor of Church of Christ and this church does notbelieveintithing.Danielsaidhetold his congregation not to pay tithes as it was no longernecessary.Hewasinhellforbasicallytwothings:firstofall,hewasnotpaying titheshimselfandsecondly,becausehealsostoppedothersfrompayingit.ForAlbert,his churchbelievedinpaying tithe, but he thought it was meant for only the congregation and pastors were excluded from paying it. He wished he could come back to earth to

startoveragain and pay his tithes. The other two pastors also did not pay, and one of them,thoughtsimply he did not think he had to pay it even though he knew he should be paying it, and the other thought ministering before God is not working, so he thought therewasnoneed topayanytithes.


AsIwalked in those pits, I then was shown many pits full of ladies who used charms to get husbands to marry them. Some used lipsticks, facial makeup kits to seduce men. In one

ofthe pits, I saw a woman named Ama Gyamfua who attended Church of Pentecost,

shewent for charms from a fetish priest so she could control her husband like a dog; this is whyshe was in hell because of using this evil charms. Next to this, I saw another lady

called Maviswhohadapinklipstickonhermouth.Shecollectedthisseductivelipstick

fromanoccultman,andit was meant to manipulate men to lust after her and she wouldcausemen to by all means look for money and give it to her.

I then saw a young lady called Vivian who seemed to be around 24 years old, she had filthy clothing on her in the form of a short indecentdress,andshehadlongacrylicnails, glossy looking lipstick and a scarf on her head. She was in the pit because she went to idolsforcharmssuchthat,whenevershesleptwithanyman,shehijackedthesemenof mentobe used for witchcraft rituals.Throughheractsfivemendied.Theseritualswere madesoshe would obtain money. She said she used to dress indecently and in a seductivewaywhilst she was on earth, and lived at Kwashieman in Accra, Ghana.

AndasIwascontemplatingthesceneabove, I turned to the other side where I saw a certain woman who was a pastor’s wife on earth and she was called Alice. She also wentfor charms to charm her husband. She said she was a witch and went for charms. Sheputhermensesinapalmnutsouptogether with other things for the husband to eat. Fromthatmoment, the husband became like her son so she could control and

dominatehim.Shetied the husband and locked him inside a spiritual bottle. She also killedsomeofherchurchmembersandwhenshedied,shewasimmediatelythrownin


AstheLordtookmeinthistour,IalsoshownamancalledKwame,whowasinto occultism.

He had a ring on his manhood (Sexual part) which made it possible for him to charm prostitutes.Soaftersleepingwiththeprostitutes,hethenkilledthemandusedtheirbody partsinwitchcraftritualsforotherpeople.

From this scene, I was then shown a tall man, who went for a charm to seduce young girlsto come after him for sex. He had sex with about 1000 girls and was at the University ofGhana, Legon in Accra, Ghana. He went for penis enlargement and was given some things to plant. This spiritually nailed him to hell, and so in hell he has been nailed in his pit inhell. He was also a youth leaderin his church, and had sex with many girls in the church.

Ilatersawapastor/evangelistcalledFranciswhowasintheMethodistchurch.Hewent fora charm such that anything he said was not refuted. He said when he proposed to girls,they could not resisthischarmsandHewasalsoagay.

I also saw a lady newscaster from Ghana who had died. She had facial makeup on; this was given to her by an Indian occultist. The purpose was to get fame, favor and love frompeople. She eventually died from diabetes.

I then saw seven pastors, who had died in Ghana, and they were all in a secret society, andtheyweredressedlikethat.Theywereallprophetsandhadmagicrings,whichthey used to perform miracles and prophesy in their churches. They were all screamingin


IalsosawagospelsingerwhodiedinGhana,hesaidhewasapastorandhewentto anIndia man to help him sing. He said this man gave him some oil and made him burn someincense and had a ring that gave him the authority to release many albums. He wasrequired to sleep with women, so in the church he slept with most of the women. In hell,large worms were just going through his body and he was seriously burning in the fire. Healso had the number 666 written on his forehead.

IsawamancalledAbednego, who had a chain around his neck. Whilst on earth whenever he went into danger he used to vanish to escape from death. He eventually diedandisnowinhellfireeternalsuffering.

IsawsomeGhanaianswearingdifferentrings,gold,silverandbrass,andtheywereall membersofsecretsocieties.

I was then shown a former finance minister from Ghana, who was in hell for being a member of a secret society and also because of acquiring evil powers to give him a smartbrain.

Ialsosawapastor from Ghana called Alfredwhohadconsultedthequeenofthecoast for empowerment. He had a ring and a white handkerchief. The handkerchief was for healing, and the ring was for casting out demons. The heat of his torment was seven timesmorethantheothers who were there for charms.

I then saw a lady from Nigeria, who also used charms to charm her husband so that whenthe husband would die all the property would be willed to her favor; unfortunately thiswomandiedandfoundherselfinhellfire.

Ithensawvariousstudentswithbagsontheirbacks.Thesewerefromprimary,juniorhigh, seniorhighandevenuniversity.Thesestudentswentforcharmstohelpthemtobesmart learn, hence they were brilliant in school. These could not complete their educationand theyalldied.IalsosawsomestudentsfromafamousschoolinKumasi,Ghana.

I saw many medical doctors in hell, and one of them was called Dr. Frimpong who when he saw me, starting saying that when he became a doctor he was afraid, so he joineda

secret society where he was given a ring to protect him. He died in an accident and found himselfinhellfire.

I saw many lawyers, judges and justices all burning in hell fire. They were all part of secret societiesandalsoconsulteddemonsfortheirprotection.Theyhadringsthatprotected them whilst they were alive.

I also saw a girl I knew personally at Kwadaso in Kumasi. She went to consult a fetish so shecouldsnatchherbestfriend’sboyfriend.Shediedashamefuldeathafterwardsand sheisnowinhell.

I then saw a man called Budo who was at Buokrom in Kumasi, Ghana when he was alive.

This man was so strong and powerful that even the police were scared of him. He told me,“he went to Satan for powers to be very strong and powerful, he hadprotection against;guns,knives,spears,andallotherweapons”.Hesaid“thepowersmadehis bodylikea metal, so even a bullet would only mark the body but could not penetrate and he had tosell his soul to the devil in order to achieve that.” This man is also now in hellandsufferingasthedemonsusered-hotspearstopiercehisbodyandtearhisbody apart.

Ithensawprostituteswhowerebeingchasedaroundbydemonsinhell;thesedemons wererapingthesegirlsinthemidstofthefire.These girls went for charms to help them to conducttheirbusinessasprostitutes,sothattheycouldnotbeharmedorkilled.Oneof them was called Joana and she said “I had the power to vanish when there was danger”.Allthesegirlswereinhellfiresufferingseriously.

I saw one woman from Ghana called Aunty Afua. She went for holy water from a prophetin Ghana with a big gallon. She treated the water as her god. This water was demonicand when she died she ended up in hell.

I also saw Frank who was also from Ghana. He went for a handkerchief from a prophet, sothat anytime he rubs it on his face, he gets favors everywhere he went. This handkerchiefwasdemonic,andhediedinhissins.

I then saw at a distance away, a valley and there were about ten thousandpeople burning in the lava of fire there. The demon was laughing and mocking them and said, “allthese used our magic rings”. When I got close I just knew the name of one man in the group, called Pastor AfriyiefromGhana.Hesaid,“hewentforaringforhealing”.There wereabouttwothousandpastorsinthatsectionofhellforusingmagicalrings.These werefromdifferentcountriesintheworld.

I was then shown a young man I knew in Kumasi and had died. This man was handsome andwhenaliveandhehadmanygirlfriends.Hewasinhellforfornication.Ithensawa hotband around his waist which was burning him and cutting him. He said these are the useless things I went for whilst on earth.

Ithensawfivedemonswithbigbagscontainingdifferentcurrenciesandthesewere beingtaken to those who did charms for people to get rich on conditions that they wouldselltheirsoulstosatananddieaftersomeyears.Forthosewhoengageinthese activities, assoon as you agree to this, you will have tiedyoursoulinhelland immediatelyyoudie,thedemons would take you to hell fire. I saw the fetish priest tell a manthathewouldliveforsevenyears,butinrealitythiswouldbedividedintotwoand thismanwoulddieonlyafterthree and half years.

I saw a 43 year old fair looking Nigerian woman who was in hell fire because of shedding innocent blood. She stole a month old baby from a hospital to be used for witchcraft rituals.Sheplacedthebabyinwoodencontainerandpoundedthebabytodeath.She thenaddedayellowish –greenoilmixtureandtransformedthisintoUSdollarsinthespirit realm.Shewasrejoicingoverandshouting,money,money!Thiswomanwasbeing tormented by demons with 3 prong forks and telling heryou, wicked woman, praise satan!Thisisallthatyoudidwhenyouwereonearth.

I then saw another lady who whilst on earth slept with many men, and afterwards, she collectedthecondomsanddrainedtheirsemenintoacontainerandtookittoafetish formoney rituals. Thisladyeventuallydiedandsheisnowbeingtormentedinhellfire.

I then saw another section in hell in a valley overflowing with very hot lava. The sign at thisplace read “mockers of God”. Those in this section of hell had large golden rings on

their fingers,andthismadeitpossibleforthemtoheal,castoutdemons,turncursesinto

blessingand performed many signs and wonders while they were on earth. These were onlythosewhousedgoldenrings.Ithensawthedemoninchargeofthatsection,

saying:“thesepeoplearetherebecauseofusingmagicalringstoperformmiracles”. Eachofthesoulswas in a pit which was a shoulder deep. These people were from many countriesbutIsawtwo who were from Ghana. One man from Nigeria said “God, save me!”, and avoicesaid “I never knew you”. Luciferthencametothatsectionofhelland

laughedsarcasticallyand uncontrollably.


I also saw Princess Diana, and she was there for witchcraft and in hell she looks a bit deformed.She had a protective ring from India, but this obviously failed to save her on


One of the people I also saw as part of a group of musicians was Michael Jackson. He had an Indian magic ring on his hand which made him to call on high powers of Satan. He said “Iwentforaringfromthedevil,hegavemefameandrichesandvoicelikethat ofanangel, and now I am in hell suffering forever without Christ.” It was this ring from Indiathatgavehimthehighcelebrityrankingandobtainedpower to sing amazingly. He is alsoamongthosewhousedcharmsduringtheirlifetimeonearth.


IthensawaformerNigerianpresidentcalledSaniAbachaintheroyalpartinhell,where mostworldleaders go to. He said “he caused the deaths of many thousands of people sohecouldusetheirbodypartsforrituals”.

IthensawCol.MuammarGaddafi,whowasrecentlykilledbytherebelsinLibya.He said “heistherebecausehedidn’tbelieveinJesus”. I was shown how he lived his life on earth.

He had a magic chain which helped him vanish when the NATO forces and rebels attacked him. However, on that fateful day, after bathing he forget to put on the chain hegot from an occult grand master in India. Hesaid,“IshouldtellallLibya,sonsandwife toturn to Christianity”. He said “he is suffering terribly and if they do not change, they would all end up in the place where he is”. He even said, thosewhokilledmeshould

notcomehere”.Hethenrequested for a drop of water.


The Lord then showed me a scene of people buying things on earth and going straight tohell. The shop was in Ghana, however, there are many all over the world and they

sold demonic items used by the falseprophets in their churches and by the fetish priests. Theseitemsincluded;red,black,blue,magenta,purpleandgreencandles,different demonicoils, powder, water, padlocks and other items used in the churches which used

thesethingsandallthosebuyingthesedemonicitemswerewalkingstraighttohell, becausetheseitemswereusedforoccultpracticesinthechurchesandfetish.TheLord thentoldme,thatany time anyone gets a charm to do anything, that person

automaticallybecomesa candidateofhell,astheirnamewillbeeventuallywrittenin hell.

Ithensawademoninhellholdingacontainerinhishandwithmanydifferentrings.The demon then said that these are the rings being given to people on earth for charms. The ringswereforprotection, healing, spirituality, magical powers, knowledge and others.

I was then shown many bottles, and some demons were taking them to earth to be used by people who charm others and imprison their souls in bottles in the spiritual realm.

Anyonewhocharmsothers becomes one with Lucifer and would end up in hell for


I was shown various celebrities, members of the judiciary and politicians on their way to hellfor using charms to help them perform well, attain high positions and also become famous.

I saw one popular actress in Ghana, who places a charm in between her breasts so that she would charm people. She and many others also using charms to act were on their waytohell.

I also saw many gospel and secular singers who were also on their waytohellforusing charmstoperformandrecordtheiralbums.

Iwasshownbodybuilderswhowereusingcertainpotionstosmeartheirbodiessothey would be strong and win laurels. All these were all their way to hell as well.


Ithensaw a 12 year old boy who was a footballer. I asked the Lord why he was there, and The LORD said, “because he was into occult”.Histeacherledhimintothispractice

socould be a great footballer. He was taken to an occultist for charms and special oil to playwell.

I also saw another footballer from Brazil. He went to a wizard to help him play in the league.Herefusedtogobacktothankthewizard,sohediedonthepitchoneday whilstplayingafootballmatch.

I also saw Marc-Vivien Foé, the Cameroonian footballer who died during a football matchin France in 2003. He went to the Queen of the Coast for powers to play in the African Cup ofNations.Afterobtainingthepowers,hewassupposedtosacrificehis mothertothequeen of the coast, but refusedtodoit.Soduringthatfatefulday,aspirit fromthewaterkingdom struck his heart and killed him instantly on the pitch. So he was in hellfortheoccultism. In hell I saw him holding a human skull.


Iwas then shown many teams and their supporters on their way to hell through the tunnels.

The first team I saw was Chelsea Football Club, they were being led by Ivanovic, and followed by the other players in a straight line. They all had divers’ items in their hands; some had incense, oil, sacred rings and other things. I was then shown how all those who followedandsupportedthisteamwiththeirhearts,wereallfollowingtheminthetunnel tohellfire.

IwasthenshownRonaldinoandcertainyoungboysintheagerangeof8-13years. Theseboys were learning to play like him. I then saw a strange looking demon, in the variousforms, namely form of a woman, a monkey and had wings like a bat. This is the demonthathelpshimtoplaywell.Sowhentheseboysstartedrehearsing,thisdemon manifestsand enters them. I saw him and all his fans, supporters and the boys who are seeking to play likehim walking in the tunnel on their way to hell.

The next football star I saw was Kaka. He had a bible in his right handandafootballin theleft hand. I then saw a demon come to him, and told him “followmeandIwillshow youthepathoflife. This demon then took the bible and placed it in his left hand and thefootball in his right hand. Sadly, this demon was leading him to hell too. I then saw a manwho told him in Portuguese that you can be a Christian but everything you want to do infootball I would do it for you. This man then did some rituals and a demon appeared,thenhe put some liquid upon his head and the demon entered into him. He thenbegantoplayskillfully.IsawBrazilianteenagefootballersallfollowinghimtohell.

I was then shown some people who were walking silently to hell, and they were the Brazilianfootballteams.IaskedtheLordJesus, whathavetheydoneandhesaid “it is because of idolatry”. ThisisbecauseFootballisagodandthosewhosupportitwill eventually end up in hell. I then saw Pele as he went into a cemetery at night to invoke a demon,thisdemoncametotheplayersand strange oil was rubbed on them and were asked not to touch any woman. Then I saw a strange demon, with the head of a man, butthe body of calf. This demon was leading the team including the old players like Pele

and others.IalsosawthemajorityofBrazilians following them silently to hell because of thepassionforfootball.

Isawmanyfootballersusingrings,specialoils,andotheroccultparaphernaliatoplytheir trade. However the sad thing is, all these players were walking straight to hell together withtheirsupporters.

I saw the France football team also being led by Zidane and other former players. Their fans and supporters were all following them to hell and after this, I then saw the Egyptian national team being led by Abutreka and all were on their way to hell as well. The team was being led two demons in the form of cows. The major demon which helped them wintheAfricanCupofNationsseventimeswasOsiris.

IwasthenshownalltheteamsoftheworldincludingtheNationalteamofGhana,the Black Stars being followed by their supporters and fans. I then asked the Lord Jesus why it isso, and He said “because they all belong to the enemy and are involved into the

occult practices.” Then the Lord said “I should warn that no one who is into occult can come to His kingdom”.Isaw all the football clubs arranged in levels on their way to hell silently and followed closely by their fans.

All the young boys who are following the professional footballers were all following them tohell.Someof these boys do not go to the fetish themselves, but their teachers and coachesgofortheoccultpowersandgivethemtheitemsandinstructionsonwhatto do.


IwasthenshowntwoChristianteamsplayingafootballmatch,anddemonscame there inthe form of bears to sit and watch the match. They were so happy and waving.

Otherdemons also appeared from the ground to manipulate the match as though they

werethecoaches and even when Christians where playing a match, the demons had a righttobepresent,becausefootballisagamewhichwasdesignedbyLuciferto


I then saw a different church match and one man went to consult occult to win the match.

He was given a clock to go to cemetery to sleep there from 12 midnight till 6am. He then placedtheclockneartheopposingchurchespolesotheywouldwinthematch.The otherteam too had a man go to another fetish who gave him a strange liquid which he sprinkledontheirjerseys.Thedemonsthenpossessedtheplayersandtheyplayedbythe powerofdwarfs on the field.


I also saw a 17 year old American boy called Phillip. This boy had a spider tattoo on his back. He said his friend told him it would protect him from sickness. I then saw Lucifer passby him mock him. This boy was in church and thought he was going to heaven. Unfortunatelythisboyisinhellnowbecauseofthetattoo.Luciferthensaid, “All those who use tattoos, serve me”.Isawmanyotherpeopleinthissectionofhell, allbecause

theyhavebeentattooedontheirbodies.IthensawLucifertransformhimselfintoa youngmanwith many tattoos on his body, with body piercings and mocking them by quoting Lev 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.In hell a red hot metal had been attached to the tattoo designsand they were in much pain. I saw one boy who said he did not know about the consequences,hehadjustimitatedafrienddoingit,sohealsodidsame.However,this boy is also in hell in much pain for having a tattoo on his body.


I moved a little further and I saw this young man in a pit of fire with earrings on the ears. Hesaid he went for seducing power for girls to fall in love to him; he also had a ring he

used toseduce both men and women to have sex with them. Most boys and men use

this toseducegirlstohavesexwiththem.Thisisalsoanotheroccultpracticethatisgoing onnowbecauseademonicspiritentersintothe boysormenwhodothisandtheirlives



I was then shown a library in hell, the room was very black with three candles, red, blue and black, but they melted though they were burning. I saw the book ofMormon,books onastrology,whitewitchcraft,satanicbible,booksonevolution,sixthandseventhbook ofMoses, hip-pop bible, book of changes and other demonic books some of which are used byvariousreligions.Thoseusingthesebooksendedupinhell.Ialsosawmany ChristianbooksandLuciferthensaid my spirit lives in the books and any book that has not the Spirit of God in the book is filled with my power”. He also saidany book that can lead people to hell is stored in that room. Peoplehaveto be careful the books they



After I came out of the room, I was taken to a section in hell where I saw soldiers. These weresoldierswhentheywereonearthfromdifferentcountries.Theywereina poolof

fireburning. They went for protection against gunshots and other weapons. Some had thepower to vanish others had clothes that were gunshot proof. They did all sorts of occultpractices for their protection whilst on earth. Each of them had 666 written on the

foreheads.Therewerehugedemonsbrutalizingthesesoldiersandtorturingthem.The demon in charge there was 19 feet and looked like a frog with three eyes. I saw a Ghanaian soldier who had a very sad story, he was into martial arts and whenhe died a demon dragged him to that section of hell. Most people do not know, but all those who



I was later shown two people who were in hell for smoking. So people have to know that smokingwould take them to hell.


I also saw a man who called saints when he was on earth, and this was classified occult and he was suffering greatly.

After wards I was taken back through the tunnel and I came back to earth.END.

Emmanuel Agyarko is teenager from Kumasi in Ghana. He started seeing visions when he was a child but it was once in a while. However, around 2009 it increased, and the Lord has shown him many visions since 2009. He has been to Heaven and hell on numerous occasions.


Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I ama sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness.

I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at


YousaidinYourHolyWord,Romans10:9thatifweconfesstheLordourGodandbelieve inourheartsthatGodraisedJesusfromthedead,weshallbesaved.

Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved.

ThankyouJesusfor your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and notto myself. Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life.





I received this revelation from a Sister in the USA. She was given it by an Old Prophetess ofGOD who was an immigrant intheUS.Readbelow:


Minneapolis, MN

Old Saintly Prophetess (Immigrant) who was dying of cancer witnessed and recorded this judgment.Thisisthestartoftherevelation:

Agentlelight shone and I see a big lively meeting of believers, the angels appeared

fromheaven and among these was a head angel who addressed the people sternly. He started askingquestions:

1. Whosmokes?Gooverthere.

Isawpeopleinthisgroupstandupand movetowheretheAngel showed them on the leftside. One brother sat with his head bowed down thinking that nobody noticed him, buttheangel looked straight at Him, then this brother quietly stood up and moved immediately.



3. Whospeaksunkindwords?

4. Who speaks foolishly and makes jesting?

5. Whodefileshimselfthroughmasturbation?

6. Who eats and drinks with those of the world where there is no need?

7. Who loves this world and uses makeup, perfume and cologne for the adornment of theirbody?

8. Whowearsabominableclothing–womantakingman’sandmantakingwoman’s clothing?

9. Who imitates Satan with loose unkempt hair?

10. WhichwomendonotcovertheirheadsfortheAngels?

11. Who condemns a Servant of the LORD?

12. Which men grow hair long and which women cut their hair?

13. Whose hearts is attached and joined to the love of money?

14. Whodespiseshisneighboranddoesnothaveforgivenesstowardshim?

15. Whose eyes wander in the time of God’s worship and does not give heed to the

Word andremainsempty?

16. Who gives place to the devil having fellowship to the devil through the fear of men?

17. Whodoesn’ttrusttheLORDanddoubtstheirownsalvationanddoesn’tcometothe cleansed?(Isee a big chainholdingthisperson)

18. Who is not led by the Spirit of God but is led by their own thought and lust?

19. Who is suspicious of his neighbor and builds imaginations and kindles the fire in their ownheart?(Iseefirefromhellgraspthesepeople)

20.Who doesn’t listen and interrupts their neighbor saying their own prideful thoughts??

21. Who is satisfied upon himself and makes himself fancy before a mirror, putting on eye shadow and painting their eyebrows and doing hair?

22. Whofluffsandpuffstheir hair up adorning their hair with ornaments?

23. Who dyes their hair?

24. Which women cut their hair?

25. Which man does not do the work of a high priest in their own home?

26. Who is lazy and does not seek work in my field in my home?

27. Whoisboldand rude with their neighbor whom the blood has washed?

28. Who enters God’s house without fear of the LORD but with foolish talking, jesting and speaking boldly when this place is Holy?

29. Whoconsoleshimselfbyowndeception –theprayersofyourneighbor gives you

peace but you will not lift a finger to draw nearer to God saying oh, the LORD knows everything??

30. WhospiesandwatcheshisneighborsoastoaccuseandreproachHim??

31. WhojudgesHisownneighboranddoesnotmakepeace? –justifyinghimselfby sayingto the LORD forgive me if I have insulted somebody, when you know that you are

guiltyofbeing a hypocrite??

32. Who steals lying to the government and hides this as to enrich their own self?

33. WhohasapassionfortheTVidol-whetherinsecretoroutintheopenintheirhouse;


34. Who forgets about holiness and puts their children in abominable clothing giving themto serve Molech?

35. Whoisafraidofchildbearingandfiguresforthistimeperiodandusesremedies?

36. Who doesn’t observe purity in sexual contact between a husband and wife?

37. Who avoids contact with their husband for fear of child bearing by being cunning and sly?

38. Whoisnothonestanddoesnotcarefortheirhusbandorwife?

39. Whoisatalebeareramongmypeopleandputsdownholiness?

40. WholosttheirfearforGOD?

41. Who lost their shame before God?

42. WholosttheirfaithofGOD?

43. Who is empty and does not have love for their neighbor?

44. Whoselipsarefullofsmokelike a chimney but not with God’s word?

45. Who is fascinated with the knowledge of this world and is deep in this leaving God’s knowledge?

46. WhoforsakesHolymeetings?

47. WholovespleasuremorethanGod?

48. Wholovestoberich?

49. Whoscornsand says; God does not look at the outward appearing but looks at the heart?

50. Who complains and is never satisfied?

51. Whoisnotthankfulbutwanton?

52. Whodoesnotobeytheirparents?

53. Who does not honor their parents and does not honor God?

54. Whoisindependent?

55. Whoisstubborn?

56. Whoisprideful?

57. Who does not bring fruits worthy of repentance and soon does the same again?

58. Who doesn’t bridle his tongue and through the multitude of words carries the inexperiencedaway?

59. Who calls himself a child of GOD but remains a liar and speaks filthiness and foolish talking?

60. WhohavetroddenunderfootthebloodofthecovenantandputdowntheHoly


61. WhoisendowedwithpowerfromonHighanddoesnothaveHissigns?

62. Whoseeslawlessness and his owns children and covers it?

63. Wife who doesn’t reverence her husband but dominates over him?

64. Who does not have the peace of God and not desire to strife for him but kindles strife?

65. Whohasfalsesuspicionandfeedshimselfwiththis?

66. Who does not love the word of God and does not read it but only nodes their heads butheknowseverythinghimself?

67. Whodoesnotpraymuch?

68. Who does not have a heart on fire and love for GOD?

69. WholovestheirchildrenmorethanGodandindulgesthem?

70. Whoseeyesaredefiled?(Iseeoneyelidinfectionssoresandpuss)

71. Whoseearsaredefiled?(Isee radar close to ears to catch things from the side)

72. Whose tongue is defiled?(Isaw a big tongue that was too big for the mouth thatwas hangingtothesidedroolingsalivaandblood)

73. Whosehandsaredefiled?(Isawhandsdoingmasturbationandaswordcoming downtowardstheirhands??)

I see all the people who had these sins move to the side where the angel showed to the left. Many, many people going to this side, looks like somebody was forcing them to movebutthiswastheirconscience.Sinchasedthemanditwasnotpossibleforthemto stop.

There were only three or four people left. These people had white clothing and the Angelsdelivered them to the right side up to heaven. The Angels did not look back at thesepeople that had moved to the left side, but darkness covered. I was already very scared.



Please be ready before you are caught in a net of surprise and lament your life for all the eternity.

From the Soldier of the Lord and International Assassinator of Evil by the Command of the





Come with me o ye holy bride and lets go out to safety for soon the night is coming upon the sons of men when no one will be able to work, for the sun will be turned into smoke

and the moon into blood. The stars of the heaven will fall to the earth.

The Grace of God is great. GREAT IS THE MIGHTY JEHOVAH. Thus saith God to the sons of men. The end is coming, for man will drink the cup of the fury of wrath of God Almighty to the Gates of grace says the Spirit close in.

The children of men will live with the enemy. Then they will long for their God. I will abandon them to face the enemy of mankind for one week. Then all who to God in the tribulation must come through the fire. I God come now. Rapture ready says the Spirit. Rapture ready says the Spirit. Rapture ready says the Holy Ghost. I leave the world soon with the bride of God Most High, the Most Holy. I God come and leave with the bride. THE MOST HIGH GOD



These are my words son, the words for the last days. Many will fall away. Some will lose their eternal inheritance in heaven. Children these are the days of the falling away, for many will fall from the Grace and forever cast into the lake of hell.

I, Jesus warn all My children to be vigilant and pray lest they are deceived by my enemy and fall into the pit. The pits are dark. The horrible pits of hell yearn greatly to swallow up my beloved children. This is the plan of the enemy, small little, drops of sin. This is what destroys my church and holy servants.

There is nothing like small sin. They are all an abomination unto the Lord God. Thus saith God, no lie, gossip, filthy speech, masturbation or filthy thinking will ever enter my Heavenly Kingdom.



Monday,August16,2010at 11:19am



Ihadastrangedream.Isawmyselfandanothersisterwalkingsidebysidejesting normally,a man was walking at the other side; suddenly the man turned and said hey, therapturehasjusttakenplace30secondsago,andlookingatthetimeitwas1.30AM. Themanproceeded by saying go in the left direction you will find other Christians there, do not go intherightdirectiontheyaretakingthemark already, go now I give you

1min. Iaskedhimwhat about you? He turned and said I am the antichrist who has lived inyourmidstforsolongwaitingforthisday.

Iwasconfused,butmyspiritsaid,runmyson,run.Weranandoncoveringsome distanceIturned back, lo and behold, the man we left had turned to the antichrist. We keptrunningand saw many other people running as well. We got to a very large auditorium,toolargetobedescribedandbeholdmultiplesofChristians.Brethrenitwas aterrifyingexperience-peopleof highstandingwithGod,prominentmenandwomen ofGod,lovedonesand friends. I couldn't comprehend this so I screamed, all of us? God what happened? The Lordnowtookmeinthespirittofivechurches.

In a predominant church of one tribe, I saw the pastorsannouncingthattherapturehas justtakenplaceandthatpeopleshouldstartreceivingthemarkrightthereinthechurch thatthiswillsubstitutethesaidbeastmarkandenablethembuyandsell.Brethrenwhat made me weep was that the innocent andignorantmembersstartedreceivingthis

mark notknowingitwasactuallythemarkofthebeast.TheLordthensaidallthese pastors areAgents of the beast who have been ordained to mislead the people and

whoalreadyhave the beast mark before his manifestation,andIsawmarksontheright

armofallthesepastors.Abrotherwhowasfortunatetoseewhotocallhimtostart runningdowntotheplace where all other Christians were was shot in the leg as he was aboutclimbingthetopof the Christians hideout.

ThentheLordtookmeagaintoanotherchurchwherethepastorswerejustspeakingof the good things of the scripture and didn't talk about the second coming of Christ and warning the people of the wages of sin. The irony of it was that all thesepastorswereleft behindandmembers.

Then I saw another church where people did real emphasis about the coming. But all the people didn't go as a result of the hidden sins which weren't known to man and they didn'tcountthemassin.Iweptbitterlybecausethiswasachurchwhereholinesswas professed tobeheldinhighesteem.

I saw another church where people concentrated mainly on attacking demons and wherethe true word was also preached but the people also didn't go due to malice andlackof spiritualconcentration.


word and talking about the second coming, however these people didn't go. The whole lotwasfull of hypocrites who disguised themselves in shepherds' clothes.

I was then taken back to the place where the multitudes were and then I saw that the peopleofthebeastcameandChristiansstartedscramblingforsafety.Brethrenitwasa terrifying experience. Women forgot their children, husbands their wives.Weranandgot toanother place of hiding but the surprising thing which should make all quivers was that thepopulationwasnowsosmallthatitwaseasyforeveryonetoidentityeachotheras familyandfriendsstartedpeeringup.TheLordthensaidothers have received the mark. Brethren the people I saw made me weep uncontrollably; prominent men of God, Christians and loved ones. I now asked the LORD why all these ones and God showed

medifferent people and men of God saying: this man was perfect with me until 2 hours ago.

That other had a small portion of his heart released to the devil. That other brother was too occupied with the things of the world in terms of land and property acquisition that they took over his life. That other, I gave him a mandate to pay a certain portion of money to the church and he procrastinated it till now: sin of disobedience. That other so much loved his cheque book than his life you can even see that he has his cheque book with him I wonder what he can buy with the money now: hope you know they are no more his?

I wept because so many little things which we humans don't count were counted by

God.Inow spoke with a confused voice, help us Lord!!!!!

The Lord then said all these things which have been happening on earth have all pointed to the end but despite all, my people did not take heed. I am giving the last warning; consecrate your heart to Me My people, the trumpet would have been blown 1 hour ago

but I pleaded with My Father. However I can plead no further. The trumpet is already in the mouths of the Angels already to be blown. SO PREPARE YE THY WAYS OH MY PEOPLE. Tell My people to read Matthew 16:3. And warn all the ministers who have gone in the ways of BAAL. THIS IS TRUE AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT THE RAPTURE IS AT HAND!!!!!!




Jesus stood at a distance on the crest of what looked like a volcano. His piercing eyes stared me down. I saw agony inHisfaceasHespoketome “Come up here”.

ImmediatelyIwas standing next to Him. I could see the entire volcano from here. A streamofpeopleatleast half a mile wide and as long as the eye could see walked along a path leading intothedestructive volcano.Angelswithpitchforkslinedbothsides oftheendlessstreamofpeople.Theywerepreventinganyonefromescapingand usheredthepeopleoverthecrest and into the burning lake of fire. Steam rose from the flaming lake wrapped in smells ofsulfur.Theirbloodcurdlingcriessoundedmoreanimal thanhuman.

It sent chills up and down my spine. Jesus didn’t look at them he only kept staring at me. I lookedintohisagonizingeyes.Hespoketome “Come here. I want you to feel what I feel when my people perish”. Suddenly I was right in front of him and He grabbed me. He put his arm around my neck like a wrestler, and pulled me to his chest. An inrush of incredible grief filled my body, a thousand times greater then any earthly grief I had ever known.

Mybody fell limp as I hit the ground and I began to vomit out my nose and mouth while sobbing with indescribable agony. Suddenly I was back in my room and fully awake. Jesuswas still floating in my room standing next to the volcano and the lake of fire burningbehindhim.Icouldstillhearthebloodcurdlingcriesinthebackground.Jesusjust staredatme. Two purple curtains slowly closed the scene and then vanished.

Fordays,thevisionbotheredme.WhowerethosepeopleIthought?WhydidJesuscall them his people? I lost my ability to concentrate and had great difficulty on my job. Even now twenty years later that vision scares me.

This excerpt is taken from a book of many visions the Lord has given the author over the years-AUTHOR EJ OUELLETTE"MAJESTIESOFHISKINGDOM"

"Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love like you love me. Break my heart for what breaks yours EverythingIhaveforyourKingdoms cause As I walk from Earth into eternity'




This is from Lord Jesus, son write down my warnings.

1. Thus saith the SPIRIT OF THE LORD to all pastors, behold I come now saith the LORD

repent and preach the good news.

2. Woe to any pastor who uses my name to deceive people to hell for such a one the hottest parts of hell is reserved.

3. Woe to any pastor who calls himself by MY name and is a homosexual.

4. Woe to any pastor who is a freemason,a satanist and an occultist, for these people hellhas opened its mouth waiting to swallow them in torment.


6. Woe to all fools who teach philosophy and lies in my church. For this will cast them into outer darkness.

7. Woe to all pastors who fornicate and commit adultery. For them hell will be their


8. The time is short pastor. Woe to anyone who will stay in his chambers and not preach thegospel. To anyone staying in there will be judgment.

9. Woe to anyone who will not preach about the end times. The pastors are warned. Their punishment will be great for hiding the truth.


FellowshiponewithanotherandthebloodofJesusChristhis Son cleanseth us from all sin.


n) Published on Oct 2, 2012 by JasonJC

The Lord told me to get a paper and pen and write this down. It was literally written as I heard it. No changesafterthefact:

If your church is not warning you about the significance of the Israeli/Iran war and how it will signify the timing of the rapture, then it is likely that your church will be left behind.

- I have commanded you to keep watch.

- I have commanded you to keep clean. Yes, your garments.

- I have sent many Prophets to your doors. Some are turned away.

- I have given you my word and yet you doubt.

- I have sent you many times the message of repentance, but yet you dabble in the world. Will you hear me when it is too late? I AM at the door. It is nearly closed. Come My

children! Those with an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying!

- Come to me with a repentant heart and I will heal your land.

- Come to me in the unity of my name and I will delight in your departure.

- Come to me with my words on your lips and my food will taste like honey.

- Come to me with ALL of your heart and I will give you rest.

You are MY PEOPLE whom I have chosen. Now, Come! Come hither I say! Come not just one, but come ALL!

o) Message from Dr. Neil Lipkin (Messianic Jewish and 30 year End Times Prophecy

Teacher) Received October 4, 2012:




p) Message from one of our readers: Kofi Okyire Appianing, September 21, 2012 4:19AM Subject: THE TIME IS NEAR



A pastor was traveling just last week then he saw an old man and gave him a lift. While they were going the old man said: “Myson,doyouknowwhat happened in Heavenlastnight?”

Thepastorwassoterrifiedandhurriedlyparkedandasked:“Sir,areyousleeping? AndhowdidyougettheinformationaboutHeaven?”

OLDMAN:“Last night in Heaven God became very angry with man and asked the angelsto blow the trumpet. The angels picked up the trumpets and as they were abouttoblowitJesusfelldownandbegintopleadintearsandthebloodthat cameoutof His hands and body were very fresh and told God that His death shouldn'tbeinvain.Godcould not stand the pains of the saints and the wickedness of the evil ones. So He said, "IAMGIVINGTHEMTHEIRLASTCHANCE." Jesusthen turnedtotheangelsandtoldthemtomovedownintheirnumerousnumberstotell the world that"THE END IS NEAR, JESUS ISCOMINGVERYSOON."


OLDMAN:“I am one of the angels sent to Nigeria. Please use every medium of communicationtosendthismessage.Notimetowaste,Please!”Andtheoldman disappeared.

Brethren,thisstoryisreal,ChristiscomingSoonest. Please REPENT. I beg ofyou...Please passthismessagearound.Copyandpasteit,shareit,call,emailit,textit.PLEASESAVEA SOULTODAY.Ihavedonemypart,Itsnowyourturntospreadthe Gospelmessage around. Hebrews 13:2 (KJV): Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:fortherebysome have entertained angels unawares.

One of our dear sister Christian readers who lives in Switzerland has had, since the lastweekofSeptember,twicereported seeingvisionsoftheLORDcomingdown through the clouds with angels. During Rosh Hoshanah, all through the night she reported hearing a loud shofar blowing (as many others are reporting hearing). She

called me from Switzerland this past week and on Mondaymorningaround6:00a.m. she heard a shofar blowing so loud she called her sister on the cell phone to

see if she too could hear it through her cell phone.

One of our End Times News Report Volunteers, who lives in Jamaica, had a vision this pastmonthof three rainbows in the sky and the LORD told her that when she sees this sign in real life she can know HIS Return is near. Well recently then after that vision,shelookedintheskyandactuallysawthreerainbowsinthesky.

Alsojustacoupleextranotes from Susan—thispastSeptember,Iwassittingonmy frontporchandtheFATHER spoke to me and HE said that HE was sick at HIS StomachoverthiswickedworldandHEisdonewithit(thislinesupwiththeword givenaboveabouttheTimeisNear).Thenrecently,theLORDspoketomeandsaid that I don’t need to worry about changing any of my upcoming scheduled plans

and that HE can take us out wherever we are. HE told me HE is coming soon and HIS PLANSAREAIRTIGHT.




I am what you see, what was, is, and is going to be. The Power of God will expose and

break what is not Mine. Obama is a cracked vessel. I will throw him to the ground. David Axelrod and Debbie Wasserman Schultz will both be cursed for their constant lies with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, for their lying and misleading My people. The people of the United States like evil, so evil I will give them. They like to suffer, so suffering I will give them. Like the hog who likes mud, so will I give the United States their mud. Sin loves sin, and both will fall. The Power of God is the Power of Power.

The horn will blast for the righteous and the unrighteous, for evil is in control in the United States. Politicians speak about abortion as if it is righteous, and the right for a mother to kill their young, because it is not convenient. The right to life belongs to God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Hurricane Sandy was not a big or great storm. People have not seen a big or bad storm until they see the vengeance of God strike what is evil in this world.

Remember the scripture:  Matthew 7:13 - 13 "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is

the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it" 14

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. The Power of Power has Spoken. So be it! So be it! So be it!


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