4th Graduation Ceremony Speech


Director/ Principal

Rev. Kiyimba Joseph

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Our guest of honor, special guests, invited guests, graduands, ladies and gentlemen.

We warmly welcome you to this 3rd graduation ceremony of our college.
ABA Foundation Bible College is a school to equip believers with the word of God. The school is serving the whole body of Christ.

ABA Foundation Bible College is registered with the International Association of Bible Institutes (IABI) USA and affiliated with the International Victory Bible Institutes (IVBI), U.S.A.

ABA Foundation Bible College is classified by Africa International Missions (AIM), South Africa. Our instructors are qualified men and women of God from Uganda and Overseas.

The goal of ABA Foundation Bible College is to equip the saints unto the work of ministering the word of God to others. The goal of our students must be the same. The vision of ABA Foundation Bible College is to give Christians a Foundation of the word of God, to prepare them to do the work of the Ministry and to train those called to full – time ministry.

We offer certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, Masters Degrees and Doctorate Degrees that are awarded under the name of International Association of Bible Institutes (IABI), USA. We are strongly focused on our goal. The goal is not to hand out awards, but to disciple God’s people for preaching and teaching the word of God.

It is our goal to have supplied a student at the time of graduation with a Bachelors Degree in Theology enough material that will be his/her resource for preaching and teaching for many years to come. Graduated students leave with a vast library of materials they can use in their future ministry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, education is the means by which freedom, democracy and economic growth are maintained in any society.

President Yoweri Museveni one day said, I quote “An uneducated society can never enjoy the freedom of constitutional democracy” I close the quotes.

It is our desire to encourage freedom and success of our students by offering them an opportunity to study a course that will produce upliftment in their lives. It is our goal that an educational contribution is made toward the betterment of our society. We aim to train a generation of citizens who are assets to the communities in which they live. Our students are equipped with valuable life changing skills in order to make them successful members of their communities and productive citizens of their respective countries.

President Nelson Mandela once said, I quote, “The difference between Olympians and the rest of us is that Olympians behave as longtime friends who occasionally compete, while we behave as longtime adversaries who occasionally get along” I close the quotes.

This course will help students have a greater relationship with others in their respective communities through the life skills they have learnt.

Dear graduands, the key to a better future depends on you; not the circumstances in which you presently live. Our challenge to you is that you first learn the skills that will enhance your life. We then challenge you to put into action the skills that you have learnt. If you both learn and apply what is taught in this course, you will enjoy a more exciting and successful life. God gives every bird its own food, but he does not throw it in the nests. You were born to success and not to fail; but without sacrifice of hard work, one can never succeed!

We convey our gratitude to your parents, relatives, sponsors, benefactors, and well – wishers who sacrificed their earnings, time, wisdom and care to make you what you are today.

We urge you graduands to continue conducting yourself in a mature and well considered and well thought out ways and at all times demonstrate a passion of servant hood, helping to find solutions to society’s problems and being the example others want to emulate but not despise, ostracize, or demean. The journey you are embarking on is continuing to be humble, of service to others and building yourself.

We are within the city conurbation and, as is typical of all cities; there are very good things and very bad things; there are some very good people and a lot of extremely bad people; there are people who can come to your help and those who will eagerly want to destroy you - so be careful!

By the way, Health is the state of being well and free from illness in body and mind.

Security is freedom or protection from danger or worry. Avoid security risks – people who may be danger to you because of their habits. Safety is the state of being protected from danger and harm.

Dress decently at all times to convince people to have confidence in you. Dressing style can make people conclude whether to take you seriously or not, whether to tease you or not, whether to respect you or not.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who are working with us to train those students that God brings to our Bible College. Special thanks to Africa International Missions (AIM) South Africa, International Association of Bible Institutes (IABI), USA. Our long time friend Dr. Roger Dickson of Cape Town, South Africa, International Victory Bible Institutes (IVBI) USA and our great friend, Bishop Dr. Derek Prince of USA. They have strongly supported us with study materials to train our students and we thank all of them from the depth of our hearts.

We also extend our heart felt thanks to our graduating don, Bishop Dr. Josephat Kitheka from United Kingdom for accepting the responsibility we entrusted upon him.

Registration for new students is in progress. We encourage everybody especially church leaders to study with us. I have invited two missionaries from U.S.A to train our students who need help to read, write and understand English. These are doctors of English with great experience in teaching English as second language to people in developing countries - so get prepared.

I have said all this For God and My Country. Thank you so much for your attention.


Dr.  Kiyimba Joseph


Director / Principal.

ABA Foundation

The objectives of ABA Foundation is Helping People Live Better Life and to Promote the Socio - Economic Welfare of the Vulnerable Communities especially the Destitute Children, Orphans, Widows, Disaster Affected People and Poor Families affected by HIV / AIDS among others.

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