Beloved in Christ,

For your information, the mission of ACTEA is to promote quality evangelical theological education in Africa by providing supporting services, facilitating academic recognition, and fostering continental and intercontinental cooperation.

Accreditation of institutions, while an important aspect of our ministry; is only one facet of our broad scope of activities benefiting theological education. While over 125 institutions around the continent are related to ACTEA, only a minority of those are actually accredited.

As you may well know, accreditation is achieved by a school after a demanding process of rigorous self-examination and external verification in order to demonstrate achievement of standards which can be internationally recognized.

A school not yet prepared to meet the rigors of accreditation may still be formally linked to ACTEA to benefit from its non-accreditation and networking services as an "ACTEA Correspondent Member", and it is this category of relationship which I would recommend that you consider at this initial stage. In fact, Correspondent membership would be preliminary to any further discussions regarding accreditation.

As ACTEA does not have any documentation regarding your school, we will be grateful if you could send us some published information regarding your institution including a copy of the current prospectus. Upon receipt, I will send you additional information on ACTEA and how your school may be formally linked with us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah Fundulu
ACTEA Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 250100
Ndola - Zambia


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