ABA Foundation conduct Free Surgical and Medical camp in Uganda and teach and train local doctors and nurses on modern aspects of Patients Care and Treatment.

During these Free Surgical and Medical Camps, ABA Foundation together with Medical Teams from USA, UK,India, Israel and Canada spend considerable time Training the Local Doctors and Nurses on Modern Aspects of Patient Care and Treatment. We donate equipment to upgrade the Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, and other areas of Patient Services at the Regional Referral Hospitals.

At Rakai we donoted equipment included three (3) operating room tables, three (3) anesthesia machines, four (4) electrocautery machines, four (4) anesthesia patient monitors, four (4) recovery room patients monitors, three (3) suction machines, several clinic patient vitals monitors, transport stretchers, wheel chairs, shelves, and large sum of disposable supplies to treat several hundred patients. 
At the end of the Mission, ABA Foundation International medical teams received a lot of praises from the hospital managements, patients, local leaders, and the Government of Uganda, with request for ABA Foundation to send more teams to Ugandan hospitals to help with Patient Care, and to Further Train the Local Healthcare Providers.
ABA Foundation remains committed to working with African governments, and to invest more money, time and medical teams to work on upgrading the hospital infrastructures and training of local medical healthcare professionals over the course of the coming years!

ABA Foundation

The objectives of ABA Foundation is Helping People Live Better Life and to Promote the Socio - Economic Welfare of the Vulnerable Communities especially the Destitute Children, Orphans, Widows, Disaster Affected People and Poor Families affected by HIV / AIDS among others.

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